China-China Wanghai, June 6 (Pufan, Kang Yuzhan, Ren Xinyue) The first China-Central Asia Summit was held a few days ago, with the expansion of China's high-level opening up and the in-depth advancement of the "Belt and Road" construction, Xinjiang, as the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, has changed from a relatively closed inland to the forefront of opening up, and cooperation with Central Asian countries has become closer and closer. The annual CIIE allows domestic and foreign resources to collide with new formats and new models in the docking, and now, "CIIE + cross-border e-commerce" has become the "standard" for many foreign goods to enter the Xinjiang market.

Xinjiang has a new "cornucopia" themed poster

The vigorous development of "Silk Road e-commerce" has driven the trade innovation of local enterprises in Xinjiang, but enterprises also need to seek cooperation opportunities and solve their own development bottlenecks. "Cross-border e-commerce is a new format for us in Xinjiang, and since engaging in cross-border e-commerce, we have found that our Xinjiang products are not rich enough." Zaidula Tursun, chairman of Xinjiang Hechuang Meixin Technology Development Co., Ltd., said.

On the recommendation of relevant departments, Zaidura Tursun participated in the fifth CIIE. He said: "When I went to the Expo for the first time in 2022, I felt that this was a 'cornucopia', and the commodities we wanted to choose and the categories we wanted to supplement in Xinjiang were all available here. "Through the Expo platform that gathers global commodities, Hechuang Meixin has realized its wish of "buying the world and selling the world" and bringing goods from all over the world to Xinjiang's "doorstep".

At the 5th CIIE, Hechuang Meixin signed a contract with Canada's Keck Group Courtesy of Hechuang Meixin

As the first regionalized cross-border e-commerce shopping platform established by a local innovative new retail enterprise in Xinjiang, Hechuang Meixin has already landed a physical store in Urumqi and opened for more than three months in soft operation, focusing on imported goods to meet the needs of local consumers. One shopper who went into the store said, "The products here are the best in the world, which is a very good choice for consumers and helps improve my quality of life." "Co-creation combines cross-border e-commerce with traditional general trade, allowing consumers to shop online on e-commerce platforms and offline at cross-border bonded shopping stores.

With the help of the open cooperation platform provided by the Expo, Hechuang Meixin's imported commodity retail brand "Merrill Lynch" has reached strategic cooperation with first-hand brands in more than 11 countries, and now has 15,7 bonded goods and 1000,740 general trade commodities that can be sold. At the fifth CIIE, Hechuang Meixin reached <> signings, of which the signing amount with Canada's Keck Group was as high as <> million Canadian dollars (equivalent to <>.<> million US dollars).

Zaidura Turzon believes that the Expo is an import express channel, allowing Xinjiang enterprises to create new formats and models in the process of exchange and integration with foreign products, "The Expo is also a journey of discovery for us in Xinjiang, and we still have a lot of room for improvement and exchange in terms of products and categories." ”

Photo by Zaidura Tursun, chairman of Xinjiang Hechuang Meixin Technology Development Co., Ltd. and Ji Jiangtong

Cross-border e-commerce is only one of the industrial opportunities brought by the Expo to Xinjiang, according to Lan Bin, president of the Xinjiang Urumqi Council for the Promotion of International Trade, Urumqi City will organize a group to participate in the Expo every year, and successfully signed 16 key projects at the third Expo, with a signed amount of 406.<> billion yuan, involving textiles and garments, the construction of the core area of the Silk Road Economic Belt, logistics and transportation, computer machine research and development finance, intelligent equipment, green home and other fields.

"The Expo provides a broad platform for cities including Urumqi to participate in global cooperation and seek development opportunities. We hope to use the Expo, a platform that attracts worldwide attention and gathers businessmen, to attract friends and entrepreneurs from all walks of life at home and abroad to invest in Xinjiang and Urumqi and seek cooperation and development. Lan Bin said that participating in the Expo has also made Urumqi more open to integrate into the "Belt and Road". (End)