The reporter learned from China Railway Kunming Bureau Group that on June 6, the China-Laos Railway international passenger train was in operation for two months, the railway department operated a total of 13 pairs of cross-border EMU trains, the border inspection and customs departments inspected a total of 2 inbound and outbound trains, and inspected and released 61,122 cross-border passengers from 39 countries and regions. The cross-border passenger flow is mainly tourism and business, of which more than 2,5 are tourists, accounting for 8000%.

On April 4 this year, with the active promotion of China and Laos, the Kunming South Railway Station and Vientiane Station of the China-Laos Railway opened international passenger trains in both directions, and Kunming to Vientiane achieved same-day access. The operation of the China-Laos Railway international passenger train not only facilitates the exchanges between the two peoples, but also greatly promotes tourism and economic and trade cooperation.

"The China-Laos Railway connects many famous tourist attractions in Laos, which is convenient for backpackers from all over the world to travel in Laos, and the railway station is very 'Chinese style', and the ride is also very comfortable." Zhang Weijiao, a tourist from Beijing, said that the station and train staff can speak Chinese and Lao, which is easier to communicate and make their travel more comfortable.

In order to meet the travel needs of cross-border passengers, the railway department has continuously optimized the flow of passengers entering and exiting the station, improved the disclosure and unveiling of passenger transport places, set up Chinese, Lao language and English guidance signs in the ticket hall, entry gate, ticket gate and waiting area, and announced the international passenger travel instructions, boarding safety instructions, entry and exit procedures, etc. At the same time, the train is equipped with a professional language translation machine to facilitate communication with foreign passengers and help solve passengers' inquiries and help.

"There are enough entry and exit cards on the train, so that passengers can replace them in time when they fill in the wrong ones, and the crew will also guide them to fill in, and for elderly passengers or passengers who are not using mobile phones smoothly, we will help complete the entry and exit declaration, making their travel experience more convenient and warm." Dai Rui, crew guide and conductor of the China-Laos Railway International Passenger Train, said.

Since the opening of the China-Laos Railway International Passenger Train, railway, border inspection, customs and other departments have worked together to continuously improve the measures of passenger entry and exit, goods inspection, border inspection and travel inspection services, so as to ensure that passengers can enter and exit the country by bullet train safely, orderly and quickly. "Mohan Border Inspection Station has set up special channels for Chinese passengers and train employees, shortening the waiting time and improving the efficiency of passenger customs clearance. At the same time, entry cards are issued to inbound foreign passengers in advance, and guidance posts are set up at the travel inspection site to provide them with consulting services throughout the process. Yang Xueqin, a special police officer on duty at the railway port of Mohan Border Checkpoint, introduced.

"We are very happy to be able to take the China-Laos Railway train, which is really comfortable and convenient, and we can go to many places in Yunnan, such as Shangri-La, Kunming, etc., and we can also take the train to Laos, which we think is really great." The American Mr. and Mrs. Deragoo, who left the country for the first time on the China-Laos Railway international passenger train, said excitedly. (CCTV News Client)

(Liu Wenjie, reporter of the main station)