The wheat is ripe for a while, and you are scrambling. In late May, the ripening period of wheat in Henan encountered continuous rain, and the summer harvest encountered unexpected difficulties. In the face of the people's urgent difficulties and anxieties, party members and cadres from all over Henan Province rose to the challenge and pooled their efforts in various ways to ensure that the summer grain should be harvested and resolutely shouldered the important task of stabilizing food security.

According to data from the Department of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of Henan Province, as of 6:9 on June 17, 8141.95 million mu of wheat had been harvested, accounting for about 5.3503% of the province's wheat planting area; The summer sowing area is 38.5 million mu, accounting for <>.<>% of the expected summer sowing area.

All-out rush: Party members are on the next line, and people are resting non-stop

Nanyang is the first wheat ripening producing area. Recently, the local rain stopped and the weather was sunny, and in the 646,1182-acre wheat field in Weizi Town, Xinye County, the crawler harvester was fully open, rolling, shelling, and threshing..."Although the ground is wet now, it basically meets the harvesting needs of the crawler harvester. Zhang Tao, a senior agronomist in Xinye County, told reporters that this year, on the basis of 5 harvesters in the county, Xinye County introduced 130 harvesters from Shanxi, Gansu, Hubei and other places. Five technical guidance expert groups and <> technicians have observed and guided day and night, and the response and preventive measures have been specifically distributed to the sky, village, group and field, and all have been harvested.

Since June 6, Henan's summer harvest has entered the decisive battle stage. Henan organized the vast number of party members and cadres to sink to the front line and charge ahead, minimize losses and protect the interests of farmers to the greatest extent.

"Seeing that the wheat was about to rot into the ground, the first secretary stationed in the village and other village cadres came, which really helped a lot!" After the harvest is completed, Wang Ming, a villager in Liushuwang Village, Changcun Town, Ye County, Pingdingshan City, said excitedly. Due to the uncertain weather, in order to rush the harvest in time, the Organization Department of the Yexian County Party Committee set up a shock team of party members to "grab the harvest" of summer grain, and all 534 first secretaries stationed in the village devoted themselves to the "three summers" production.

In Gaoping Town, Hua County, Anyang City, Party members and cadres went down to the village, surveyed the remaining agricultural machinery in each village three times a day, uniformly dispatched the harvesting equipment in the town, and ensured that people stopped non-stop, and at the same time did a good job in transportation, electricity, emergency and other safety guarantees to ensure the rapid harvest of mature wheat.

Party members and cadres of Henan Province's direct enterprises and institutions actively participated in the wheat harvest. After receiving help a few days ago, the commando team of party members of Sinopec Zhoukou Petroleum Branch quickly arranged the required oil products, contacted vehicle maintenance personnel, and rushed to Didong Village, Tan Zhuang Town, Shangshui County, Zhoukou City, overnight, and solved the problems of harvester failure and oil shortage in only half an hour.

Drying and drying: Take multiple measures to minimize losses

On June 6, the Ministry of Finance urgently issued 3 million yuan of disaster prevention and relief funds for agricultural production to support Henan Province in carrying out disaster reduction and damage reduction related work such as agricultural machinery rush harvesting operations and drying harvested tide grain in the affected wheat fields, so as to reduce the loss of grain production due to disasters as much as possible.

In all parts of Hua County, vacant land such as village cultural squares and school playgrounds have been vacated for villagers to dry food. "Thanks to the space provided by the grain warehouse, my family's 9 acres of wheat finally have a place to dry." Zhu Songxing, a villager in Shuangying Village, Liugu Town, Hua County, said.

"After the wheat is harvested, it is very important to dry it." Sun Zhengchao, director of the Henan Provincial Grain Trading and Logistics Market in Hua County, said that in order to do a good job in purchasing summer grain and protect the interests of farmers, according to the notice of the Henan Provincial Grain Reserve Management Group, the warehouse has provided farmers with free drying sites and wheat quality inspection services since June 6.

"At present, 11 farming households have put wheat into the warehouse to dry, about 2,24 kilograms. These wheat that are stored for drying, we have done free quality inspection. Sun Zhengchao said, "In summer, there are many strong convective weather, so we require all employees to be on duty <> hours a day, and prepare sufficient covering film to ensure the safety of entering the warehouse to dry wheat." ”

Henan Grain Reserve Management Group has opened 22 drying fields for free, with a drying area of more than 14,14 square meters; Provide 16 grain pickers, 2 grain unloaders, 1 cleaning centers and 4 dryer; Free tarpaulin, plastic sheeting and other tools, loading and unloading, accommodation and other services. At the same time, it organized backbone forces to set up four technical service groups to go deep into the fields to publicize scientific grain storage measures, and provide free services such as pre-sample inspection, winnowing, screening, and color sorting for grain farmers, so as to promote the upgrading of wheat, and do their best to help farmers reduce losses and increase income.

The wheat dryer is not enough, how to deal with it? Banjilou Village, Xihua County, Zhoukou City, replaced it with a chili dryer, and soon dried more than 10,<> jin of wheat. "We organized the villagers to rush to harvest and dry them for free." Ma Bensheng, the first secretary stationed in the village, said.

Wangfeng Agricultural Machinery Cooperative, Xiaolaojia Village, Huayuan Township, Minquan County, Shangqiu, worked overtime in drying operations, and people and machines "ran at full capacity", reducing wheat moisture from 30% to 13.5%.

"If the moisture is below 13.5% and meets the quality standards, we will put it into storage as soon as possible for scientific management." Wei Fang, deputy general manager of China Grains Ningling Directly Affiliated Storage Co., Ltd., introduced that the moisture of wheat entering the warehouse will gradually stabilize below 12.5% through grain surface capping, internal circulation temperature control, air conditioning temperature control and other scientific and technological grain storage technologies. The direct subordinate bank also set up a commando team of party members to volunteer to help peasant households with insufficient labor at home to dry and sell grain.

Claims for Collection, Storage: Let Farmers Take the "Reassuring Pill"

Can damaged wheat still be bought? Recently, the Henan Provincial Grain and Material Reserve Bureau, together with the Provincial Department of Finance and other departments, issued the Notice on Further Doing a Good Job in the Procurement of Summer Grain, clarifying the principles for the identification and disposal of damaged wheat, and requiring all localities to conscientiously implement the "Henan Province Measures for the Management of Excessive Grain Disposal" and properly do a good job in the purchase work.

"For wheat that meets the edible standards, actively organize production and marketing docking and guide the implementation of market-oriented purchases; For wheat that exceeds the standard that can only be used as feed and industrial grain, the local government will classify and purchase it to prevent unqualified grain from flowing into the grain market and protect the interests of grain farmers to the greatest extent. The person in charge of the Henan Provincial Food and Material Reserve Bureau said. Recently, various parts of Henan have successively issued purchase methods and guidance prices for germinated wheat.

What are the hard-hit farmers? The Department of Finance of Henan Province issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in Settlement of Wheat Insurance Claims in 2023, requiring financial departments at all levels and agricultural insurance underwriting institutions to make wheat insurance claims in a timely and efficient manner to ensure the stability of the production and life of affected farmers. All insurance institutions are required to mobilize manpower and material resources, establish a green channel for rapid claim settlement, provide multi-channel reporting channels, formulate compensation plans, and ensure that all compensation is due and help farmers resume production as soon as possible. By strengthening communication with local wheat insurers and establishing an information sharing mechanism, we will continue to create conditions for the investigation and settlement of claims and the reduction of farmers' losses.

"We require that the claim be settled after 7 days of processing." Yuan Yuan, a staff member of the Linying County Branch of Zhongyuan Agricultural Insurance, told reporters that at present, the company underwrites 6 villages in 154 townships with a planting area of about 26,7 mu, and has received more than 900 reports, involving 10600,2200 farmers, and is expected to pay <> million yuan.

Reporter Wang Lewen and Zhu Peixian