Guangzhou, June 6 (Liu Yang) Scan the QR code on the product with your mobile phone, and the product information, quality information, logistics information, etc. are clearly visible. The Global Traceability Center puts a seat belt on commodity trade by building information tools with the attributes of public infrastructure.

On June 6, the "High-quality Development Research Tour" interview team walked to the "Global Traceability Center" in Guangzhou, Guangdong Province to explore the story behind the "digital ID card" of the product.

"The foreign trade service industry generally has problems such as insufficient voice power, limited service capacity, large space for cost and efficiency improvement, weak digital capabilities, and insufficient data and management intensification." Yu Chonggang, president of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao International Supply Chain (Guangzhou) Co., Ltd., said that how to reduce costs and make commodity information interconnected was once a difficult problem for enterprises.

According to Yu Chonggang, the establishment of the global traceability center breaks the data island, and through the segmented collection and hierarchical use of the whole life cycle data of commodities, it quickly links all parties and links of trade entities to achieve the true transmission of the value of global trade commodities. Based on the global traceability center, which is the public infrastructure of the digital economy, the digital service trade platform "Global Excellent Product Distribution Center" was incubated and born, which proposes full-chain trade digital solutions for enterprises in warehousing and logistics, supply chain management, intellectual property maintenance, inspection and testing, etc., and provides professional digital trade services.

"The global traceability center and the global excellent product distribution center make the whole trade link visible, the goods trend predictable, the service efficiency controllable, and the service selection simulated, helping enterprises achieve digital decision-making and digital management." Yu Chonggang said.

As the first digital economy public infrastructure in Nansha New District, Guangzhou, the Global Traceability Center not only builds an information connectivity network for enterprises, but also promotes the application, promotion and international output of traceability standard rules.

Xu Yuqi, deputy director of the Political Research Office of Guangzhou Nansha Development Zone, said that the Global Traceability Center supports the efficient and orderly circulation of data elements around the world based on the principle of "co-construction and sharing, real security, openness and convenience", and is equally open to government, enterprises and consumers.

It is reported that the Global Traceability Center has established a set of theoretical rules and standards for joint construction, sharing and open application, as well as a set of global traceability public technologies that support rapid replication and promotion in various industries around the world. All localities can build global traceability centers based on a common theoretical foundation and a unified information architecture. At present, Nansha has signed co-construction agreements with a number of domestic pilot free trade zones to promote the comprehensive promotion and application in many places. (End)