Drink PK Eat raw eggs Drink foot wash ...

Why can't the live broadcast "ruthless PK" stop?

Recently, the anchor named "Three Thousand Brothers" died after drinking in a live PK that attracted attention, and the reporter's investigation found that various "ruthless PK" on the current network platform are still emerging one after another, such as eating raw eggs, drinking foot water, drinking punishment, and hitting the mouth with soles...

Relevant people believe that online live streaming should not only be based on traffic, but should strictly regulate such "ruthless PK" that is aggressive and fuels bad temper, and restore a clear space on the Internet.

What is Live PK?

As the name suggests, it refers to two streamers who attract audience tips and attention through various challenging and punitive games.

Think of "ruthless PK" live streaming as a traffic password

In today's online era, live streaming has become one of the important means to attract traffic. However, some anchors have embarked on the route of pursuing extreme and aggressive and ruthless PK live broadcasts, treating vulgar and ruthless PK live broadcasts as traffic passwords. In addition to fighting wine, other forms of "ruthless PK" have also emerged, such as swearing, eating raw eggs, drinking mustard water, and even drinking foot wash. In addition, the party who loses the PK has to complete the pre-agreed punishments, which are also unbearable - chewing garlic to wipe eyes, slapping himself, high-intensity corporal punishment ...

Anchors' measures to avoid platform penalties

▶ was banned from "trumpet" to restart live broadcasting;

▶ When doing some punishment, upload the video to the winner and viewers by shooting it;

▶ Use "black words" to evade regulation

Why is "ruthless Pk" repeatedly banned?

▶ The fundamental reason for the emergence of "ruthless PK" is the huge profit drive.

▶ For a live PK, the anchor and platform are generally divided into 5:5. Some big anchors can receive two or three hundred thousand jitter coins in a PK, according to the platform's 7 dou coins for 1 yuan, worth <>,<> yuan, of which the platform can get <>,<> yuan.

Live PK After drinking to death Drinking PK is still not prohibited

Recently, the online anchor "Three Thousand Brothers" died after drinking at least 4 bottles of liquor in the live broadcast PK, which caused widespread public concern. The reporter learned from the local relevant departments that "Three Thousand Brothers", whose real name is Wang, was born in April 1989 and was found dead after the live broadcast PK, because the family did not call the police, and the cause of death was not investigated and identified.

"Three thousand brothers" generally choose "ruthless PK" in the live broadcast. According to his self-report on his personal homepage: "Business failed, I bowed to life, I put down my dignity and face, and pinned my last hope on the platform." ”

According to Douyin's "Code of Conduct for Live Broadcasting", drinking alcohol during live streaming is a third-level (general) violation, and the platform has the right to give punishments such as warning, suspension of broadcasting, and ban of broadcasting permission (ranging from 1 day to one week) according to the severity of the host's violation.

According to relevant people on the live broadcast platform, the anchor had previously had his account banned for drinking. That night, multiple accounts were used to broadcast live to bypass the platform's review rules, "After its PK drinking was interrupted by the platform, it successively changed multiple accounts to drink and covered the bottle, and continued to evade the platform's review." ”

After the tragedy, the reporter found on Douyin and other live broadcast platforms that similar "ruthless PK" can still be easily searched, and the routine is the same, basically two anchors provoke each other to canvass, and the losing side is punished. Even after the death of drinking PK, some anchors still use drinking as part of PK punishment.

On the evening of May 5, the reporter saw on Douyin that after the PK of the two female anchors, the winning party told the losing party that the punishment was "30". The losing party immediately took out a canned beer and began to unpack. In addition to drinking punishment, there is also verbal fierceness, and the winning side keeps saying words such as "you are unlucky in my hands" to stimulate the other party. In order to evade platform supervision, the winning party reminded the losing party to "take the wine farther" and "block the point", and also used cartoon avatars to cover their own image. That night, the losing party started vomiting after drinking 4 cans of beer.

In addition to fines for alcohol, other forms of "ruthless PK" have also emerged. For example, eating raw eggs, drinking mustard water, and even washing feet; High-intensity corporal punishment and so on.

Not only is the punishment link combative, but the PK canvassing link is also full of provocative words and behaviors. The reporter saw in the live broadcast room of some anchors that some anchors kept provoking each other in the PK canvassing session, full of foul words, and called on fans to give gifts for themselves. Driven by the anchor, fans watched and coaxed, and mutual abuse also occurred from time to time, and the entire live broadcast PK process was full of anger.

Aggressive "ruthless PK"

Why "can't stop"

The reporter's investigation found that under the "ruthless PK", on the one hand, the anchor made outrageous actions to provoke the audience, and on the other hand, the anchor was "eaten" by the anger and violence of the Internet, forming a vicious circle. One netizen commented that the PK between anchors is often to condemn or ridicule each other to promote themselves, "this kind of mutual 'black' each other" atmosphere, can not develop.

Why is this kind of "ruthless PK" that constantly challenges the bottom line repeatedly banned?

Industry insiders told reporters that for a live broadcast PK, the anchor and the platform are generally divided according to 5:5. Some big anchors can receive two or three hundred thousand jitter coins in a PK, according to the platform's 7 dou coins for 1 yuan, worth <>,<> yuan, of which the platform can get <>,<> yuan. "The more traffic the anchor attracts, the more Shake coins are rewarded, etc., the higher the platform's revenue." The industry insider told reporters.

In recent years, various "PKs" have brought traffic and economic benefits to many anchors, but also led to a lack of innovation and homogenization of video content. In order to continue to gain attention, some "ruthless PK" anchors rely on constantly challenging physiological and moral red lines to stimulate the audience's nerves.

In recent years, from the national to the local, a series of documents have been issued to regulate online live broadcasting. A number of platforms have also issued management regulations. "Drinking in the live broadcast room has always been a content strictly prohibited by the platform." A person in charge of the live broadcast platform told reporters that according to the rules of the platform, if there is excessive drinking or PK drinking in the live broadcast room, the platform will prompt interruption or short-term ban, and remind the anchor not to drink excessively.

The reporter squatted on multiple platforms and found that many anchors had a set of ways to avoid platform punishment. When the platform punished and banned smoking, drinking and other behaviors, it quickly used "trumpet" to restart the live broadcast; When doing some punishment, upload the video to the winner and viewers by shooting it; Some anchors also use "black words" to evade supervision, such as calling mustard green, raw eggs as ping-pong, foot washing as Shiquan soup or Hong Kong milk, and even drinking urine as chrysanthemum tea.

A partner of a cultural communication company in Shanghai told reporters that the current live broadcast platform has clear management requirements for live broadcast content such as smoking and drinking, but for many "trumpets" with low attention, supervision is not so timely.

In addition, online platforms also lack supervision of viewers of live PK. Some viewers acted as an "atmosphere group" when the anchor PK, not only did not dissuade the anchor in time when he drank, but instead played a series of "666" to instigate.

Strictly regulated

Clear the "ruthless PK" and also clean up the network

In recent years, incidents of online violence have occurred from time to time. Recently, two online anchors were cut during live broadcasts, which also caused heated discussions. According to Xiamen police news, at about 5:23 on May 20, the victims Shi and Ye were slashed their hands and back with knives from behind when they were live broadcasting outside a college café in Xiang'an District, and the suspect fled the scene, and the police arrested the suspect from abroad in the early morning of the 30th. After investigation, the criminal suspect Luo had an altercation with the victims Shi and Ye on the online platform, and they were dissatisfied, so they rushed to Xiamen from abroad to cut and wound the two.

Prior to this, from the suicide of Hangzhou girl Zheng Linghua in January to the suicide of Internet celebrity "Guan Guan" in February, online violence frequently became the "black hand" behind the scenes. Yu Haisong, a research office of the Supreme People's Court, recently wrote that due to the wide audience, strong participation, and high transmission rate of the Internet, coupled with the anonymity of the Internet, it is more difficult to eliminate online violence, and the harm of online violence is becoming increasingly serious.

A relevant person in charge of the online platform told reporters: "In the future, the platform will increase the management of drinking, in addition to the ban, it will also identify high-frequency drinking anchors to join the device and face black library to prevent the replacement of size and size after the ban." ”

Relevant experts said that the live broadcast PK in which several anchors compete for talents and attract audience votes is a new format that has developed rapidly in recent years. This stage of healthy competition cannot become a fierce arena. Whether it is the anchor's use of trumpet login, deliberate obscuration to evade platform supervision, or some netizens cheering for these "ruthless PK" platforms, it reflects the shortcomings of the current supervision measures of live broadcast platforms.

Zhang Hao, a lawyer at Cooperative Law Firm, said that online platforms should promptly discourage and interrupt live streaming in the process of supervising and reviewing live streaming content for "ruthless PK" behaviors such as excessive drinking, and report to the police if necessary, to further strengthen supervision. Zhou Lianyong, vice president of the Nanjing Lawyers Association, suggested that online platforms should strengthen the training of anchors, enhance awareness of the rule of law, improve technical means to prevent live broadcasts such as drinking and smoking by anchors, and strengthen supervision and management for user comments, tips and other behaviors to prevent malicious and rhythmic behavior.

The platform applies good traffic incentives and other means to guide anchors to consciously produce high-quality content, and strengthen the "rule of law network", through typical jurisprudence and other means to cultivate netizens' awareness of the rule of law and rule of law thinking.

"'Cruel PK' such as fighting wine is not in line with mainstream socialist values and violates morality and law, and both sides of the PK should take more responsibility based on the principle that whoever initiates it bears the main responsibility, and whoever provokes by voice and other means should bear more responsibility." Zhang Hao said.

Experts said that while strengthening positive guidance, relevant government regulatory departments should further explore new mechanisms for the supervision of live streaming platforms, form a joint force of industry self-supervision, public supervision and government supervision, and jointly shape a clean space for the Internet. Comprehensive Xinhua News Agency, Chao News