On June 6, the 9th Lujiazui Forum was held in Shanghai. Li Yunze, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the State Financial Regulatory Administration, attended the forum and delivered a keynote speech, which was also the first time Li Yunze appeared at the public forum since the unveiling of the State Financial Regulatory Administration in May this year.

Li Yunze, Secretary of the Party Committee and Director of the State Financial Regulatory Administration, attended the 14th Lujiazui Forum (photo from the official website of the State Financial Regulatory Administration)

Li Yunze mentioned in his speech that he adheres to the "two unwavering", optimizes the private investment and financing environment, strengthens the financial services of private enterprises, and protects the passion for the entrepreneurial development of private enterprises. Vigorously develop inclusive finance to help market entities increase confidence and vitality.

Li Yunze said that the economy is the body, finance is the bloodline, and the two live together and prosper. The State Financial Regulatory Administration will grasp the key of restoring and expanding effective demand, and continue to optimize and improve financial services. Increase financial support for new consumption and service consumption, and promote bulk consumption such as new energy vehicles and green home appliances. Strengthen the financing guarantee for investment, and support the construction of major projects such as the transformation of urban villages in megacities and the construction of "dual-use" public infrastructure.

"Strengthening and improving modern financial supervision is an important task in the current financial field." Li Yunze stressed that the State Financial Regulatory Administration will focus on the whole process of China-style modernization, comprehensively strengthen institutional supervision, behavioral supervision, functional supervision, penetrating supervision, and continuous supervision, and effectively improve the forward-looking, accurate, effective and coordinated nature of supervision. Resolutely eliminate regulatory gaps and blind spots, clarify responsibility boundaries, tighten the responsibility chain, strengthen comprehensive governance, improve the responsibility system with multi-subject participation, multi-field collaboration, and multi-level penetration, and truly achieve "full coverage and no exceptions" in supervision.

He also said, "The recent series of risk events in the international banking industry, although the direct impact on China is small, but also has a strong warning significance." ”

The State Financial Regulatory Administration will always highlight key points, grasp the rhythm, and make precise efforts with a sense of responsibility of "always rest assured", steadily and prudently resolve stock risks, and resolutely curb incremental risks. Play a good "first-hand chess" of risk forward-looking prevention and control, respond to all kinds of risks and hidden dangers with a more proactive attitude, adhere to early identification, early warning, early detection and early disposal, strive to nip risks in the bud, and block the spread of risks in a timely manner. Practice the "embroidery worker" of penetrating supervision, improve the level of digital intelligence, and truly achieve "controlling people, watching money, and firmly establishing institutional firewalls". Do a good job in the "combined fist" of risk disposal, make practical and detailed emergency plans, improve the normalized risk disposal mechanism, enrich disposal resources through multiple channels, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of all parties to take the initiative to take risks.

"At present, the overall operation of China's financial industry is stable, the risks are generally controllable, and we have the conditions and confidence to have the ability to guard the bottom line of systemic financial risks." Li Yunze emphasized. (End)