As an important turning point in life, the college entrance examination carries the hopes of too many people, it affects the hearts of students and parents in Guangzhou University, and also affects the attention of the whole society. On the occasion of the college entrance examination, six walnuts and dealers across the country launched the "Love Test Car" public welfare action, providing free love to test takers who rush to the examination room with inconvenient transportation and special needs, helping candidates complete this future-related exam.

Zhu Danpeng, an analyst in China's food industry, said: "Six Walnuts has a wide coverage and great strength, which is an important measure to fully implement a sustainable public welfare system, and has played a demonstration effect on the entire industry. ”

Love to send the test in action, join hands with dealers across the country to do good

It is understood that the "Six Walnuts Love Test Sending Bus" covers dozens of regions such as Hebei, Lu, Yu, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Anhui across the country, and the social services are extremely extensive, and candidates and parents can enjoy free cars through local appointment channels. And the team itself is not limited to a fixed mode of sending the test, if there is demand, it can also realize a variety of pick-up service forms such as stop-and-go, emergency rescue, and stationing outside the examination room, so that "love to send the test" can be efficiently matched.

At the same time, drivers must undergo strict special training after passing the qualification review, including planning the route in advance, understanding the road conditions during the college entrance examination, etc., maintaining the optimal riding environment, selecting the best route to ensure maximum coverage of the urban area, providing the best riding service, and getting off the bus in time to remind parents to bring their belongings and admission documents, and do a good job in vehicle maintenance and cleaning and disinfection, so as to ensure that candidates are delivered to their destination on time, safely and quickly.

Six walnut leaders said: "What we can provide for candidates, we have to provide, including the unexpected situations during the college entrance examination in the past, we have made detailed planning in advance, these precautionary practices, it is very necessary, do our best to provide protection services for candidates, is a heavy responsibility." ”

"You look at my license plate 666, as soon as I saw six walnuts love to send the test activity I signed up as soon as possible, the digital auspicious meaning is better, I wish the college entrance examination 666, it will definitely bring good luck to these children!" Master Wang, a six-walnut dealer in Tai'an, Shandong, said excitedly.

According to reports, different from the previous love test sending activities, six walnuts this time is united with dealers across the country synchronous launch, the organization is large, the activity coverage is wide, driving the national dealers to do public welfare enthusiasm, thus making the local public welfare action atmosphere more harmonious, the scope of social love popularization is also expanding, some media commented, six walnuts is relying on their own practical action, interpreting the basic meaning of "everyone collects firewood flame high", and was also named by netizens as "the strongest college entrance examination escort in history".

A variety of ways to send blessings, emotional nutrition, double care

From the launch of the college entrance examination gas tank, to the holding of the blessing ceremony and the joint Qufu Confucius Temple to create the "college entrance examination prayer tank", and this year's simultaneous launch of online cloud prayer, to the cooperation of hundreds of colleges and universities, to carry out the "six walnut college entrance examination gas stations" and hold a series of activities such as sending the exam with love, it can be seen that Six Walnuts spares no effort to coordinate various resources to ensure the attention and care of the student group, and always pays attention to the brain health of candidates, not only holding meaningful activities for candidates every year, but also relying on strong scientific research strength. Breaking through problems again and again, breaking shackles, providing nutritional support for candidates during the preparation period, a series of actions to convey love and sincerity, has received extensive attention and support from all walks of life.

With nutrition in place and spiritual support, the six walnuts know that caring for college entrance examination students should protect their "body" and their "heart".

According to reports, six walnut Confucius Temple prayer jars will be innovated and upgraded every year, expressing sincere blessings to college entrance examination students, and becoming a nutritional product to cheer for candidates, but also uniting hundreds of colleges and universities to set up "six walnut college entrance examination prayer stations", the six walnuts on the scene not only turned into a festive and flexible Confucius image, appeared in front of the senior students, bringing a touch of relaxation to their tense pre-exam atmosphere, but also containing good wishes and rich nutrition of fist products, were delivered to many candidates for free. The senior students at the scene also wrote down their wishes for the college entrance examination and posted them on the wishing wall to cheer for themselves.

Since 2021, Six Walnuts has carried out long-term cooperation with Shandong Qufu Confucius Temple for three consecutive years, this cross-border cooperation with great cultural value is not only a monument to culture, but also the spiritual sustenance of students, from excavation to inheritance, further carry forward the spirit of Confucius, and lay a strong cultural foundation of respecting teachers and respecting the way.

Do one thing, become a multi-dimensional initiative to build a sustainable public welfare system

In the past, many people said public welfare, all empty words, not grounded, but now enterprises can intervene in the sustainable public welfare part from a business perspective, in fact, the most ideal way, Nandu Public Welfare Foundation Chairman and Vice President of China Charity Federation Xu Yongguang has also been firmly believed: "Business can be good, public welfare can be business".

For a long time, Six Walnuts has never stopped on the road of practicing charity and public welfare, in addition to actively fulfilling its social responsibilities and helping the development of public welfare activities, it has also established cooperative relations with some meaningful charity activities and teams, provided help and support within its ability, integrated and helped each other, collaborated together, and jointly helped the development of charity and public welfare undertakings.

Centennial plan, education first. Vigorously supporting education has always been an important part of the six walnut public welfare projects. At the beginning of this year, the six walnut reading wisdom charity activities jointly organized by the China Red Cross Foundation are to mainly solve the cultural gap between developed and underdeveloped areas such as urban and rural areas, and help children in remote areas obtain books and channels for learning culture through donations and other means.

In the past days, whether it is education public welfare, environmental public welfare, Red Cross public welfare, disaster relief, etc., you can see the active participation of six walnuts.

For doing public welfare, six walnuts have their own set of methodology, six walnuts said that we must not only do but also do well, to make public welfare more powerful, public welfare as a sustainable behavior of enterprises, to bring long-term, in-depth help to those in need, will maximize the role of public welfare, form and content is also constantly innovating, and gradually develop into a new situation of online and offline integration of public welfare undertakings, to make truly effective public welfare activities.

At the same time, we must also consider the breadth of public welfare actions, this time with the national dealers to create a love test, is to gather sand into a tower, all will, let more people pay attention to and participate in public welfare actions, not only can gather more resources, enhance the role and influence of regional activities, but also form a benign social atmosphere, so that the power of good radiates to more regions and people.

With the continuous expansion of charity and public welfare undertakings, the six walnuts public welfare activities are increasingly diverse, and the all-round education and education assistance and wide coverage of public welfare actions outline the three-dimensional public welfare picture of six walnuts, highlighting the responsibility of industry leaders, which is why six walnuts won the title of "Charity Model of the Year" at the 2023th (<>) "China Charity List" release event under the guidance of the Ministry of Civil Affairs and sponsored by Charity Times.