Changsha, 6 June (ZXS) -- Chinese players have opened up an industrial chain of "micro-landscapes."

China News Agency reporter Tang Xiaoqing

At a "micro-landscape ecological potted" studio in the university town of Yuelu District, Changsha, 27-year-old Luo Na and some young people patiently make moss micro-landscapes. She put granular red jade clay like cat food into small transparent glass bottles, covered with moss, and finally matched with landscaping plants such as reticulated grass and chinchilla and accessory dolls to restore the healing rural beauty in Miyazaki's animation.

"The low white moss simulates a grassy field, and the furry touch makes you want to roll on it. When in a daze and quiet and alone, through the bottle wall, it is like entering a poetic green world. Lorna said that the moss micro-landscape has been maintained for at least two months to have a certain degree of viewing.

Moss micro-landscape is a miniature plant landscape created by shade-tolerant plants such as moss, ferns, and reticulated grass with sand, stone, ornaments, etc., mainly presented in transparent containers. This new and vibrant desktop landscape will feel like a "three-dimensional landscape painting" and a "small courtyard", which is emerging among many young Chinese people.

"In the busy urban life, people are eager to be close to nature, and the trend of micro-morphing of indoor plant landscapes is becoming increasingly prominent, especially the natural and creative moss micro-landscape is the most popular among young people." Huang Wentao, senior engineer of Hunan Botanical Garden, said that moss skillfully matches stones, green plants, 3D printed pavilion bridges and white molded painted characters, animal models, etc., can create fresh and natural mountain scenes or warm and sweet courtyard scenes.

Enthusiasts like to put moss micro-landscapes in the living room, bedside table, desk. "It's best paired with a night light. At night, the moss microlandscape becomes nature at night. Lorna said that office workers do not have time to get close to nature, and can use moss micro-landscapes to install their pastoral songs.

The 26-year-old Zhu Bowei has hundreds of moss micro-landscapes in his home, showing miniature natural landscapes such as tropical rainforests and pastoral scenery. Photo courtesy of Zhu Bowei

The bedroom and study of Zhu Bowei, a 26-year-old young man, have hundreds of moss micro-landscapes, presenting miniature natural scenes such as tropical rainforests and pastoral scenery. He collected moss such as verrucous lamp moss and scaly leaf moss from the wild, and paired them with weeds and stones picked up in streams to create landscaping. "All you need to make a moss microlandscape is a transparent container, planting soil and moss collected outdoors or purchased online, but think ahead of time to express the theme." Zhu Bowei said that for the rainforest scenery to be vivid, it needs to be accompanied by dead wood, stones, vines and unique spray equipment, as well as the breeding of tiny insects, lizards and frogs.

Senior moss player Yang Fan made nearly 30 bottles of moss micro-landscapes with white moss, designed an ecological bottle that allows novice moss friends to easily raise moss, and successfully bred "water moss white hair moss". "The ever-changing moss landscaping reflects the whimsy of young people, and many works with intentional ideas will be conceived." Yang Fan said that the "captive" young people of moss micro-landscape are inseparable from the characteristics of simple production, low cost, and easy maintenance and management.

"Compared to other green plants, moss is smaller, and people are more likely to lean down to take a closer look. Moss will be dormant due to lack of water, forget to water for a long time, and will not die. The most common white moss sells for about 5 yuan (RMB, the same below) a box online. Raising moss for seven years, my total investment is not more than 6000,<> yuan. Yang Fan said that moss micro-landscape equipment and new technologies have developed rapidly in China in recent years, and there are more styles of ecological bottles and moss fill lights, and players are more active in challenging some more difficult and creative moss landscaping.

Senior moss player Yang Fan has made nearly 30 moss micro-landscapes with gray moss. Photo courtesy of Yang Fan

Many experienced players will open self-media accounts to share works and popularize moss knowledge on social platforms. After the work was posted on the Internet and gained some popularity, "post-95" Xue Zixin felt that he could turn his hobby into a career, not only creating a one-stop online store for moss microlandscape production, but also going to Suzhou with his cousin to establish a moss studio. "Young customers are happy to buy moss micro-landscape DIY material packs, and they like to pair them with carnivorous plants such as drosera and Utrula." Xue Zixin said that the moss micro-landscape provides new entrepreneurial channels for young people, and related topics have hundreds of millions of views on the Internet.

"Many moss lovers will transform into R&D and sales of ecological bottles and open micro-landscape production studios. Some floral and horticultural stylists will also set up companies to provide professional technical services related to the moss industry, including moss raw material supply, indoor moss landscape design, moss greening works and moss air conditioners. Yang Fan, who set up 14 WeChat mutual aid and exchange groups, said that in Sichuan, Zhejiang and other places, a group of young people have created a moss micro-landscape industry chain that integrates cultivation, skill training, and live broadcast sales. (End)