Beijing, June 6 (ZXS) -- The first China International Supply Chain Promotion Expo (referred to as the Chain Expo) will be held in Beijing from November 9 to December 11. This is China's latest measure to strengthen the opening up and cooperation of the industrial chain and supply chain.

Ren Hongbin, president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said at a press conference held on the 9th that the total exhibition area of the first Chain Expo is expected to exceed 10,<> square meters, with five major chains and one exhibition area, namely intelligent automobile chain, green agricultural chain, clean energy chain, digital technology chain, healthy life chain and modern logistics and other supply chain service exhibition areas.

He said that the Chain Expo is not to display a single product, but to show the chain and ecology. At the Chain Expo, the world's leading products and technologies in the upstream, midstream and downstream of each chain will be displayed vertically, highlighting green development, low-carbon environmental protection and digital transformation; Horizontally display supply chain services such as finance, logistics, trade consulting, commercial law, cultural tourism and creative design, forming an ecosystem for the development of related industries.

In addition, the opening ceremony and global supply chain innovation and development summit will be held during the exhibition, and five thematic sub-forums will be held around the five major chains, as well as a series of supporting activities such as supply and demand matchmaking meetings, industry seminars, and new product launches.

According to reports, at present, hundreds of Chinese and foreign enterprises including the world's top 10 and specialized and special new, small giants, hidden champions and other Chinese and foreign enterprises have confirmed to participate in the exhibition, and it is expected that the number of professional buyers and visitors is expected to exceed 40,50 person-times, and the proportion of international buyers is expected to exceed <>%, covering more than <> countries and regions.

"We don't simply pursue how much turnover we want to achieve during the Chain Expo." Yu Jianlong, vice president of the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, said that the main indicator to test the actual effect of the Chain Expo is to see how many enterprises have promoted cooperation in the supply chain, and whether it has helped enterprises improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Yu Jianlong said that by organizing investment matchmaking meetings, business fairs, project roadshows, capital matchmaking and other activities, and inviting service institutions closely related to cross-border investment to participate, the Chain Expo will provide more investment cooperation opportunities for Chinese and foreign enterprises, especially to help some specialized and special new enterprises and large enterprises to cooperate more. (End)