1599 yuan to buy the concert "pillar ticket"

The consumer experience is greatly reduced, who will bear the cost?

Spent 1599 yuan to watch the concert live, but was obscured by 4 large "pillars"... A few days ago, Liang Jingru's fans collectively launched an incident of rights protection, which made a hot search. Fans said that they spent <>,<> yuan to buy tickets for Liang Jingru's concert in Shanghai, and when they arrived at the scene, they found that looking at the center stage from their seats, their vision was completely blocked by pillars erected in the field area. Even if someone buys a high-priced seat in the first row of the infield, they still can't avoid the "interference" of the pillar. The consumer experience was greatly reduced, so they got together and filed a "refund" application with the organizer.

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Sun Qingyun

Watching singers become pillars The organizers put the "responsibility" on the consumer

According to the news released by the organizer, on May 5, Liang Jingru's concert held at Shanghai Mercedes-Benz Culture was her "first stop" in China.

A Shui (pseudonym) and friends are both "post-95s", who have liked Liang Jingru since childhood, and belong to the generation that grew up listening to her songs. So when she was trying to grab the concert tickets, she was very excited. Moreover, the grab is still 1599 yuan infield ticket, the first row of the first game. But when they arrived at the scene, they found that "the pillar is too big, it can block from the first row to the last row, and the further back, the greater the range." If you are unfortunate enough to buy a place in the 5th floor stand, you can only consider yourself unlucky, because you can only see Liang Jingru's lower body. ”

From the photos and videos taken by the audience, it can be seen that the live stage setting of Liang Jingru's Shanghai concert adopts a "four-sided stage". The stage is located in the center of the venue, and it can be surrounded by spectators. Compared with the "three-sided stage", the design of the "four-sided platform" can increase the capacity of the audience on the one hand, and on the other hand, it is convenient for the audience from each angle to watch the performance "without dead ends", but in Liang Jingru's concert in Shanghai, "big pillars" were erected around it, causing many audiences' vision to be obscured.

Ah Shui introduced that in addition to the four large pillars, there is also a lighting installation on the top floor of the stage, which presses the space where the singer is located even narrower, so that the audience who buys high-rise seats cannot see the singer himself at all, and can only watch the "set".

When Ah Shui posted her experience to social platforms, many people ran over to complain, and she realized that this was a real consumption "pit".

On June 6, Ah Shui reported to reporters that the rights protection group she belongs to has successively received notices from the ticket operator that "no refund" will be given.

What she could not accept was that the organizer and the ticket operator put all the "cost", "loss" and "responsibility" on the heads of consumers - they did not inform consumers in advance that the tickets purchased were "pillar tickets", the price was not discounted, there was no staff to help transfer seats after the opening, and the artist did not even apologize.

"I think the most important thing is that when issuing the ticket, I should tell me, even if the ticket is explained in parentheses and marked with a hint of 'bad sight', then at least I can be mentally prepared to decide whether to grab it or not." Ah Shui said.

There are not many "pillar tickets" for concerts Why don't the organizers mark them when selling tickets

At present, the number of rights defense groups in which Ah Shui belongs exceeds 400, and some of them are onlookers. Mr. Jiang, the owner of the group, told reporters that because he was dissatisfied with the consumption experience of the "Pillar Ticket" concert, more than 400 other netizens formed another rights protection group, "As of May 5, the number of rights defenders we actually received in the form of questionnaires was 31+, and none of them successfully defended their rights." ”

On May 5, Mr. Jiang went to the Liang Jingru concert with his lover, and traveled all the way from Taizhou, Zhejiang Province to Shanghai. "That day was a special day, we were Liang Jingru's fans, and the first concert in my life was also hers. Choosing to go to Shanghai to see her that day meant a lot to both of us. ”

At that time, he actually did not grab the admission ticket, but increased the price of 1000,4600 yuan to enter by purchasing an invitation, and two tickets cost <>, "After seeing the location at the scene, my heart was really broken." ”

Unlike Ah Shui, Mr. Jiang immediately realized that this arrangement was not reasonable for consumers, so before the opening, he went to the staff on the scene, but was finally told: we can't change places, there are not so many empty seats, "He asked us to stand behind and watch, don't occupy the safe passage." ”

In this way, out of love for the idol, Mr. Jiang and his lover chose to temporarily endure their resentment and listened to this flawed concert, "In my position, I can't see the singer himself for almost 2/3 of the time, and I see the most from my back." ”

The reporter searched on social platforms and found that the audience's dissatisfaction with the "pillar ticket" is spreading, Liu Ruoying Beijing concert, Zhang Xinzhe Shanghai concert... Some audience members whispered, "Complain about the perspective, the organizer sells this kind of seat, and does not write clear notes, will not the conscience hurt?" ”

The lawyer analyzes the defective seat, which should inform the consumer in advance

For this flawed concert, Ah Shui hopes to get a full refund compensation from the organizer in the end, "because the time and energy spent on rights protection is really a lot." ”

Mr. Jiang learned that after May 5, Liang Jingru held a second concert in Shanghai on May 20. The organizer and ticket operator have not changed, but some of the visitors who purchased the "pillar ticket" knew of their defective consumption experience before entering the venue, contacted the organizer in advance, obtained compensation for a full refund, or changed to seats with unaffected views.

He hoped that the organizer would publish a working map of the refund area as soon as possible and determine a refund ratio plan. However, what made him angry was that even after the intervention of the Shanghai Consumer Protection Commission, the organizers did not give a direct response and solution.

According to the poster of Liang Jingru's concert, the organizer of the Shanghai venue is Shanghai Rubik's Cube Pan-Culture Performing Arts Co., Ltd., and the whole organizer is Yongdaoxing Entertainment Co., Ltd. On June 6, the reporter repeatedly called the two companies, but no one answered, and Damai.com, which provided ticket sales, did not reply.

A Shui helplessly sighed: The current offline performance market seems to be like this, obviously consumers spend money on shopping, but the final interpretation right has always been in the hands of the organizer, "What kind of ticket can be refunded?" If it says that it does not meet the refund requirements, what is this requirement? ”

Ding Jinkun, a lawyer at Shanghai Dabang Law Firm, believes that the concert "pillar ticket" is a defective seat, which should be discounted from other seat fares, and consumers should be informed in advance so that consumers have a choice. However, because I have heard the song and the contract has been fulfilled, "I can't refund, but I can refund part of the discount, and the audience will come up with a refund calculation ratio method, and the organizer will also give one to see which is more reasonable." ”

Zhao Liangshan, a lawyer at Shaanxi Hengda Law Firm, told reporters that in this case, the organizer did not inform consumers in advance of the fact that the pillar blocked the line of sight, and according to Article 8 of the Consumer Rights Protection Law, the organizer violated the consumer's right to know.

In addition, according to Article 10 of the Law on the Protection of Rights and Interests of Consumers, consumers enjoy the right to fair trade. By selling seat tickets with pillars blocking the line of sight at normal fares, the organizer violates the consumer's right to fair trade, and "the consumer has every legitimate reason to ask the organizer to refund the ticket." ”