According to the website of the Ministry of Commerce, the General Office of the Ministry of Commerce issued a notice on the 6th on organizing and carrying out automobile consumption promotion activities. The notice clarifies that in order to deeply implement the relevant decisions and deployments of the Party Central Committee and the State Council and further stabilize and expand automobile consumption, according to the "8 Consumption Boost Year" activity arrangement, the Ministry of Commerce will organize and carry out automobile consumption promotion activities.

The notice clarifies that the theme of the event is "Enjoying the Benefit of All", and the event will be held from June to December 2023. The organization of the event is to coordinate the "6 Cities Linkage" automobile festival and the "Thousand Counties and Ten Thousand Towns" new energy vehicle consumption season activities in conjunction with the "12 Consumption Boost Year" work arrangement. Give full play to the role of localities, enterprises and industry associations, comply with the diversified needs of urban and rural residents for car purchase, open up the whole chain, through all channels, connect online and offline, organize more than 2023 cities across the country to coordinate and link, promote the participation of more than <>,<> counties (districts), drive more than <>,<> towns (townships) to share the benefits, create a good atmosphere, promote automobile consumption, and benefit the broad masses of the people.

The notice focuses on two activity arrangements: the "3-city linkage" car festival, and the first is to establish a list of key activities of the "5-city linkage". All localities will make overall plans for the deployment of automobile consumption promotion activities, and recommend 100-<> candidate cities of "<> Cities Linkage" and their key automobile consumption promotion activities. The Ministry of Commerce will select about <> cities with distinctive characteristics and complementary advantages to form a list of key activities of the "<>-city linkage".

The second is to focus on the whole chain to promote automobile consumption. All localities should give full play to the driving role of 100 cities, focus on new car sales, second-hand car trading, scrapping and updating, trade-in "new" (new energy vehicles), automotive aftermarket, etc., create a series of automobile exhibition and sales activities according to local conditions, continue to "drive increments, revitalize stocks, and drive associations", and promote automobile consumption throughout the whole chain.

The third is to strengthen the support of preferential policies for car purchase. Strengthen the guarantee of activity funds and venues, coordinate and promote localities and enterprises to introduce targeted policies and measures to support automobile consumption, give full play to the role of local financial funds, and encourage financial institutions to introduce auto credit financial support measures.

The "Thousands of Counties and Thousands of Towns" new energy vehicle consumption season, the first is to hold a series of consumption season activities. The Ministry of Commerce will organize the launching ceremony of the "Thousands of Counties and Towns" new energy vehicle consumption season in the near future, and guide all localities to carry out various forms of new energy vehicle consumption promotion activities such as new energy vehicle "caravans" into rural areas in more than 1,000 counties (districts) and towns (townships) across the country, setting off a boom in promoting new energy vehicle consumption covering counties and townships.

The second is to promote marketable models to the countryside. Encourage enterprises to promote cost-effective and practical new energy cargo micro-surfaces, micro-trucks, light trucks and other models to the countryside according to the characteristics of rural areas, and further enrich the supply of rural new energy vehicle products.

The third is to promote the sinking of the after-sales service network. Guide enterprises to further sink sales and maintenance service channels, strengthen the construction of new energy vehicle mobile repair stations, rural maintenance points, etc., and the training of rural maintenance technicians, and continuously improve the after-sales maintenance service network of new energy vehicles in rural areas.

The fourth is to promote the improvement of rural charging infrastructure. Actively coordinate and promote the improvement of the charging infrastructure system in rural areas, relying on county and township commercial outlets, enterprises and institutions and other places to reasonably promote the construction of rural centralized public charging pile stations. Actively coordinate relevant departments to do a good job in ensuring land for rural charging pile construction and power grid support.