While the ruling and opposition parties pointed out the possibility of an early dissolution of the House of Representatives, at a meeting of various factions of the Liberal Democratic Party on the 8th, there were a series of statements regarding the dissolution, such as "it is a permanent battlefield."

Chairman Moriyama: "While being aware that it is a permanent battlefield"

Among them, Chairman Moriyama of the Election Measures Committee said that the selection of branch presidents who will be candidates for the next House of Representatives election as early as next week will be largely meddling, and stated, "Needless to say, when there will be a dissolution depends on how Prime Minister Kishida decides.

Former secretary-general Nikai: "With an attitude of 'Come on.'"

Former Secretary-General Nikai said, "As long as we say that it is okay to dissolve at any time, we want to be fully prepared, not lazy, and ready to say, 'Come on,' and we will prepare for the appropriate day by devising various ideas and utilizing our faction friends."

Former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Nemoto: "In the end, Prime Minister Kishida will make his own decision"

Former Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare Nemoto, a senior member of the Kishida faction, pointed out, "There are influential members of the opposition parties who say that the submission of a vote of no confidence in the Cabinet and the dissolution of the Cabinet have nothing to do with it, but there is a sense of discomfort.