Beijing, June 6 (ZXS) -- Under the sun, 8,12000 mirrors covering an area of 260,565 mu resemble a large "sunflower", in a circle, with the sunshine real-time adjustment of the mirror angle, the middle is a 24-meter-high heat absorbing tower, light from the mirror reflection convergence to the heat absorption tower, through the molten salt tank to generate and store a high temperature of <> degrees Celsius, the water of the water storage tank continues to be converted into steam to drive the steam turbine to generate electricity for <> hours.

On June 6, E Fund presented the operation scene of a solar thermal power station in a live broadcast, which can be figuratively called "Desert Mirror Power Station".

"The annual power generation capacity of the power station reaches 3 million kilowatt hours, if you calculate according to one ton of coal to generate 9,3000 degrees, it is equivalent to reducing the consumption of 11,7 tons of coal, which can reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 35,1 tons per year, which is equivalent to planting <>,<> mu of trees." E Fund staff introduced the impact of the industry on the regional economy and residents' lives to the audience in the live broadcast room, and explained in depth the investment opportunities and risk points of the new energy sector.

Since September 2022, more Chinese fund companies have started the form of financial live broadcasting, "moving" daily research work into the live broadcast room of Ant Wealth, setting off a "live broadcast tide" of research. As of June 9, since the launch of Ant Wealth's "Let's Investigate" column, 6 fund companies such as E Fund, CEIBS, and Tianhong Fund have carried out 7 live broadcasts, taking investors to "immerse" in the front-line research of industrial enterprises, in-depth popular science industry knowledge, investment prospects and risks, etc., to help more rational investment.

Among them, the research of the new energy industry is one of the focuses of the fund company, and the relevant live broadcast content is also welcomed by users.

"The live survey can go deep into the frontline industry scene, which can not only provide incremental information output, but also allow users to understand in an easy-to-understand way." In a live broadcast, Tianhong Fund investigated a number of new energy vehicle 4S stores, and deeply analyzed the development stage of new energy vehicles and future technological breakthrough points by means of test drive explanations.

In the live comment area of E Fund, some investors lamented "so spectacular" and "new energy power generation is really cool", and some investors said that they "listened carefully to a new energy lesson".

Tianhong Fund said that because the research live broadcast is deeply loved by users, Tianhong Live has precipitated multiple periods of research content, and has established a relatively complete mechanism to ensure at least 1 to 2 research live broadcasts per month, and regularly unlock the investment logic and industry reality of different industries or tracks for users.

The relevant person in charge of CEIBS Fund believes that the use of live broadcast to display the whole process of fund managers' research, shorten the distance between users and fund managers, better understand the research process of fund managers, and effectively obtain popular science and understand various interesting links of the real industry, with novel forms and large space for content selection.

The person in charge bluntly said that the current scientific and technological means are more and more advanced, and one day we can not only live display the research of enterprises, but also perhaps through VR virtual screens, so that everyone can observe the situation of enterprises more immersively, and can also get close to the fund managers he recognizes.

Li Chunxiao, head of Ant Wealth Research Live Broadcast, said that institutions can present the front-line research process of fund managers through live broadcasting, helping users to have a more realistic and comprehensive understanding of the operation mode, investment opportunities and risks of different industries, so as to make more rational and long-term investments. In the future, we will continue to open up technologies and services, such as the live broadcast microphone function, to facilitate deeper exchanges between institutions and investors. (End)