China News Network, June 6 (Reporter Wu Tao Zuo Yuqing) "Hu Jiyong" is on fire!

Recently, a video appeared on Weibo, the content of the video showed a middle-aged man and a young woman holding hands shopping on the street, behaving intimately. The man halfway through is suspected of letting go because he was photographed.

Screenshot of the video transmitted online.

According to media reports, according to a number of netizens, the man in the video is suspected to be Hu Jiyong, a senior executive of Huanqiu Engineering Project Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

The company responded: Hu Jiyong has been removed from his post and is subject to verification by the company's discipline commission

PetroChina Beijing Project Management Company announced through its WeChat public account on the 7th that according to the relevant information on the Internet about Hu Jiyong, an employee of the company's global project management company, the company's party committee attached great importance to it and immediately organized verification and understanding.

The circular said that at present, the person involved Hu Jiyong has been removed from the positions of executive director, party secretary and general manager of Huanqiu Project Management Company, and has been verified by the company's discipline inspection commission.

The circular also stated that the company will take further action based on the results. "I sincerely thank all sectors of society for their care and support."

Response of the inspection team: Relevant reports and feedback have been received

PetroChina's official website announced in April that the Central Tenth Inspection Group inspected the mobilization meeting of the party group of China National Petroleum Corporation. The central inspection team will work for PetroChina for about two and a half months.

According to the regulations on inspection work, the central inspection group mainly accepts letters, calls and visits reflecting the problems of the leading body of the party leading group of PetroChina and its members, the principal responsible persons of the leading groups of party organizations at the next lower level, and leading cadres in important posts, with the focus on reports and reflections on violations of political discipline, organizational discipline, honesty discipline, mass discipline, work discipline, and life discipline.

Zhongxin Financial Reporter called the Central Tenth Inspection Group, and the relevant staff responded, "Our inspection team has also paid attention to the content transmitted online, and has also received relevant reports and reflections, and is handling it in accordance with relevant regulations, please pay attention to the handling situation officially released on the official website."

Hu Jiyong will become the legal representative of the company in 2022

Tianyan inspection shows that Huanqiu Engineering Project Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd., founded in 1995, is a member of China National Petroleum Group, located in Beijing, is an enterprise mainly engaged in professional and technical services, with a registered capital of 3000 million yuan, and the legal representative is Hu Jiyong.

Sky eye check screenshot.

According to the change record of the enterprise shown by Tianyancha, on January 2022, 1, Hu Jiyong became the legal representative of the company.

The public account quickly deleted the article

On the 7th, some media reported that the WeChat public account of "Beijing Project Management Company Huanqiu Project Company" has deleted Hu Jiyong's tweets, but the deletion time is unknown. Zhongxin Finance inquired about the account again on the 7th and found that the account had been cancelled independently.

Screenshot of the cancellation of the official account

In addition, the official WeChat account of his parent company, PetroChina Beijing Project Management Company, has also deleted tweets involving Hu Jiyong. (End)