"Unfortunately, the balance sheet of the reform process is very disappointing." The Foundation for Applied Economics Studies (Fedea) is thus critical of the Government's activity, and the reforms it has undertaken within the framework of the Recovery Plan. It states that "some of the new rules point in the opposite direction to what would be desirable," and others "are almost empty of content or fall short in the deployment of necessary improvements." Devastating.

The organization directed by the prestigious economist Ángel de la Fuente stresses that there are two especially paradigmatic cases. "The first is the reform of the public pension system, which should have had as one of its central objectives to guarantee the financial sustainability of the system and has ended up having the opposite effect, by introducing a series of provisions that will put strong upward pressure on spending without accompanying them with adequate compensatory measures."

And the other is the housing law "which, seeking in principle to alleviate the problem of shortage of supply that we suffer in this area, will surely contribute to aggravate it through the withdrawal of the rental offer before a rule that reduces profitability and increases the risk of this activity ".

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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