China News Network, 6 June -- On 5 June, the State Council's new office held a regular briefing on the policies of the State Council to introduce the relevant situation of building a large unified national market. Li Chunlin, deputy director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the meeting that it will speed up the improvement of supporting policies for building a unified national market.

A reporter at the meeting asked: How to give full play to the decisive role of the market in the allocation of resources, better play the role of the government, and promote the construction of a unified national market to better and more effectively?

In this regard, Li Chunlin said that one point of deployment is nine points of implementation. The National Development and Reform Commission will focus on the following four aspects of work and strive to promote substantial progress in the construction of a unified national market.

First, we should step up the launching of a series of special actions in view of the current prominent problems. Carry out the clean-up of policies and measures that hinder the unified market and fair competition, carry out special rectification of prominent problems in the fields of market access and exit, compulsory industrial supporting or investment, engineering construction, bidding and bidding, and government procurement, formulate a list of matters to prevent improper market interference, establish a rapid response mechanism to business entities' feedback problems, etc., and use methods such as interview rectification, effectiveness assessment, and case notification to strengthen institutional rigid constraints.

Second, speed up the improvement of supporting policies for building a large unified national market. Focus on areas such as market basic systems, market facility connectivity, factor and resource markets, goods and services markets, and market supervision, promote the acceleration of legislative processes such as the Law on the Establishment of the Social Credit System, the Regulations on the Review of Fair Competition, and the Regulations for the Implementation of the Law on the Protection of Consumer Rights and Interests, revise the negative list for market access, research and formulate guidelines for the construction of a unified national market, and promote the continuous improvement of the policy system system.

Third, improve the long-term institutional mechanism that adapts to the construction of a unified national market. Guided by the construction of a unified national market, further improve the fiscal and taxation, statistics and local performance appraisal systems. Strengthen unified planning and macro guidance for the layout of major productive forces, strengthen the coordination of industrial policies, and promote the construction of a regional economic layout and territorial spatial system with complementary advantages, reasonable division of labor, and high-quality development.

Fourth, earnestly grasp the implementation of the work. Give full play to the role of the coordination mechanism of the national unified large market construction department, increase the intensity of overall coordination, refine the division of responsibilities, strengthen follow-up and supervision, promote the implementation of various measures in detail, implement the results on the ground, timely study new situations, solve new problems, and form a joint force for implementation.