As the countdown to the national college entrance examination in 2023 begins, hotels around the test center also usher in a peak of bookings. According to data from a number of online travel platforms, the search volume of "college entrance examination room" increased by about 4 times month-on-month, and the number of hotel reservations around the examination room increased by nearly 4 times year-on-year. While the number of bookings for "college entrance examination rooms" has increased, the prices of hotels around popular test centers in some areas have also increased to varying degrees. In order to do the business of "college entrance examination room", many merchants have also extended services for the needs of candidates, and some platforms have also opened special pages for college entrance examination candidates. Industry insiders said that while the demand for "college entrance examination rooms" is hot, hotel businesses are also competing for "internal strength".

The price of hotels in popular areas increased by 1.5 times

"During the college entrance examination, the price of some hotels nearly doubled, and the twin room cost nearly 1,1200 yuan for one night, and I booked 4 nights and spent more than 4000,<> yuan." Zhang Feng, a parent whose child is about to take this year's college entrance examination in Beijing, said.

The hotel in Zhang Feng's mouth is Hampton by Hilton Beijing Wangjing. According to Ctrip's platform, on June 6, the superior twin room was 5 yuan / night, and the deluxe double room was 747 yuan / night, while the day before the college entrance examination on June 855, the twin room was shown to be sold out, and the price of the still bookable deluxe double room increased to 6 yuan / night.

The same price "skyrocket" also happened in Zhengzhou. When a reporter from Beijing Business Daily searched for hotels near the popular test center Zhengzhou Foreign Chinese School, he found that the big bed room of Hanting Hotel Zhengzhou High-tech Zone Headquarters Enterprise Base Store was 194 yuan / night before and after the college entrance examination, and the list price rose to 492 yuan / night the night before the college entrance examination, an increase of about 1.5 times. It is understood that the price of "college entrance examination room" in many hotels in Jinan has also increased by more than <> yuan.

However, hotel prices near popular test centers in Beijing's Dongcheng and Xicheng districts did not increase much. The staff of Home Inn Beijing Xuanwumen said that the hotel's room rate during the college entrance examination period was floating within the normal range, and there was no deliberate price increase. According to Ctrip's platform, the hotel's double room on June 6 started at 5 yuan per night, and the price was 479 yuan per night for the next four days.

Zhang Feng said, "The schools in the eastern and western urban areas are relatively concentrated, so the college entrance examination points are also in the nearby area, and most students do not have the need to book hotels. The schools in Chaoyang District are more scattered, and my son is separated in Wangjing, and it takes more than 20 minutes to drive from home without traffic jams."

Behind the price change, it is naturally also the increase in the order volume of "college entrance examination room".

According to Ctrip's data, as of May 5, hotel bookings within 31 kilometers of the test venue increased nearly fourfold year-on-year. According to Tongcheng travel data, as of June 3, the search volume of "college entrance examination room" increased by about 4 times compared with the previous week, showing a trend of "booking in advance". According to the search volume data of multiple platforms, the search volume of "college entrance examination room" in 6 cities including Beijing, Xi'an, Shanghai, Changsha, Chengdu, Chongqing, Wuhan, Guangzhou, Zhengzhou and Harbin ranked first in the country for hotels around the test center with check-in dates between June 1 and 4.

Wang Jianping, vice president of the China Tourism Hotel Association, said that because candidates and parents have special requirements for the geographical location of the "college entrance examination room", there are limitations in promoting the overall hotel industry bookings, but for hotels with suitable geographical locations, it can make up for the number of orders in the off-season to a certain extent.

Yang Yanfeng, director of the Online Tourism Research Center of Beijing Union University, believes that "college entrance examination room" belongs to the unique consumption demand of seasonality, and the hotel launches special and segmented products in response to this demand, which is also conducive to its business development.

"Hourly rooms" are favored

It is not only students who are preparing for the exam, but many hotel merchants and travel platforms are also busy while booking the "college entrance examination room" is hot.

In terms of room provision, some hotels provide "hourly rooms" for some candidates and parents who do not stay overnight. According to Tongcheng travel data, June 6 and 7 were the two days with the most intensive hourly room bookings, and Beijing, Shanghai and Xi'an were the three cities with the most attention in terms of the search volume of hourly rooms in the college entrance examination.

In addition, many hotels provide special services for the college entrance examination to candidates. It is understood that Wanda lifestyle hotels such as Wanda Meihua Hotel Changzhi and Wanda Yihua Hotel Yingkou have also launched the "college entrance examination stay at ease" privilege, arranging candidates' rooms on quieter floors, and giving test preparation packages and coffee to refresh candidates' minds.

It's not just hotels that act, travel platforms are also eyeing this "business". For hotel reservations around the test center, Ctrip Hotel Channel launched a special page for hotel reservations around the college entrance examination room "This Booking Victory", and launched discount coupons for hotel reservations around the test center. In addition, based on the location of the test center, multiple distance screening items are provided within 500 meters to 10 kilometers of a straight-line distance, providing candidates and parents with booking reference.

Tongcheng Travel launched the "Tongcheng Small Station Love Hotel Alliance" and set up "Gaokao Energy Stations" in more than 34 hotels in 200 cities across the country. In addition to preparing emergency stationery bags, changing T-shirts, summer medicine and other materials for candidates, all participating hotels will also provide free luggage storage, shelter from the rain and heat, lobbies and free drinking water. Some hotels also provide warm services such as silent reminders, departure reminders, and late check-outs.

Wang Jianping said that the college entrance examination is not only a key point of learning, but also a part of the life of locals. In the future development trend of hotels, life is indispensable. In the past, hotels served more to out-of-town tourists, but now and in the future, hotels are more about serving locals and their lives. From the hotel's point of view, consumers' special requirements for "college entrance examination rooms" also put forward higher requirements for hotels, and correspondingly, hotels will respond to their needs, which at this level also promotes the optimization of hotel industry services.

Beijing Business Daily reporter Guan Zichen Intern reporter Niu Qingyan