On the one hand, new energy vehicles are unstoppable, auto repair ushered in transformation and upgrading "technology", on the other hand, the demand for talents has soared, and the market gap accounts for about eighty percent

New energy auto repair personnel become "fragrant food"

In recent years, the development of new energy vehicles in China has entered the fast lane. According to data, the market share of new energy vehicles has reached 2022.25% in 6. However, in the field of supporting auto repair, the speed of talent training is somewhat unable to keep up with the rapid progress of the industry, and the shortage of talents has become the norm.

It is necessary not only to know how to repair, but also to understand "electricity"

The reporter learned that to engage in new energy vehicle maintenance, you must not only have a car maintenance worker certificate, electrician certificate, but also master the principle and knowledge of new energy vehicle maintenance.

Liu Liping, an auto mechanic, spends his weekends studying new energy vehicle technology courses at Chongqing Auto Repair School. "Through learning, I learned more about electric vehicle maintenance technologies, such as battery repair and replacement, charging pile installation and maintenance, etc." This not only gives Liu Liping a deeper understanding of auto repair, but also makes him more competitive in future industry changes.

At present, new energy vehicle maintenance workers are in short supply in the industry. The reporter learned that those who have participated in the systematic training of new energy vehicle maintenance engineers, can hold certificates and have certain experience, generally have a monthly income of more than 1,<> yuan.

In the face of new energy and new technologies, the skill level of some auto mechanics needs to be improved, some maintenance processing is not refined and professional enough, coupled with poor parts procurement channels, price increases and other reasons, there are still some service deficiencies in the maintenance market.

Liu Yuanyou, who is engaged in electronic maintenance of new energy vehicles in Chongqing, once had an electric vehicle that could drive normally and could not be charged slowly. "Since it can be charged quickly, it means that there is no problem inside the battery, and it is the failure of the slow charging system." Disassembling the charger controller, Liu Yuanyou saw that the inside was filled with waterproof glue, which was difficult to repair. Replacing the charger is the safest and simplest way, but the cost is expensive, generally around 6000,<> yuan.

"This is quite a test of the maintenance worker's research skills and sense of responsibility." Through maintenance and testing, Liu Yuanyou finally found the problem, which was that the photocoupler component measuring on the circuit board inside the controller was damaged, so the signal could not be transmitted. So, he replaced the two chips together and eliminated the fault for only a few tens of yuan.

The demand for new energy auto repair talents has soared

The Ministry of Education has issued the "Talent Demand Forecast in Ten Key Areas of the Manufacturing Industry", which is expected to reach 2025.103 million talents in domestic energy-saving and new energy vehicles by <>.

Deng Jianong feels this deeply, and he has opened three car maintenance sites in Chongqing, including two traditional fuel vehicles and a new energy vehicle maintenance center. "New energy vehicles are unstoppable, transformation is a matter of time, and now the worry is the lack of new energy maintenance personnel." In his view, in addition to high-paying recruitment, what is more important is the improvement of the skills of original talents.

According to the "2023 China New Energy Vehicle Talent Trend Report", due to the lack of core technology courses for new energy vehicles, vocational education has not effectively adapted to technological development, resulting in a serious shortage of talents in new energy vehicles and power battery testing and maintenance.

Wang Kunfa, president of Chongqing Jiangbei District Automobile Maintenance Association, said that with the further popularization of new energy vehicles, the demand for auto repair talents in brand car chain stores and large automobile repair shops has soared, and the market gap accounts for about eighty percent. He expects that new energy auto mechanics will become a hot job.

"In the current auto repair industry, the most employed is the maintenance of the engine and transmission drive system, and new energy vehicles do not have these systems, which will also force repairmen to transform and upgrade their skills." Luo Yong, account manager of Chongqing Guangben Xinya Store, believes that if you want to continue working in the auto repair industry, you must learn the knowledge of new energy vehicle maintenance.

It is necessary to cultivate more professional and skilled personnel

"At present, there are many enterprises and stores that repair vehicles in Chongqing, but there are only more than 100 enterprises and stores that repair new energy vehicles, which cannot meet market demand and cannot adapt to future development." Mei Qing, chairman of Chongqing Boli Group, told reporters that for this reason, the company based on the technical service and maintenance technology of the new energy vehicle aftermarket, signed several vocational colleges to jointly build new energy technology service vocational schools, and cultivated more professional talents.

At present, the penetration rate and sales proportion of new energy vehicles in first- and second-tier cities have been high, and the corresponding automobile maintenance industry has also ushered in rapid development. According to the analysis of professionals, the maintenance output value of new energy vehicles is expected to exceed 1000 billion yuan, and new energy auto repair is facing unprecedented development opportunities.

With the continuous development of the automotive industry, auto repair and maintenance technology is also constantly upgrading, and the state encourages the development of vocational education to provide more and better vocational education and training opportunities.

The relevant person in charge of Chongqing Auto Repair School said that due to the short development time of the new energy automobile industry, the corresponding automobile maintenance professional course system is in the exploration stage, there are deficiencies in the construction of talent training mechanism, the course assessment also needs to be optimized, and the assessment method is not novel, which has become an important factor affecting the effect of talent training. The school is constantly updating the course content to cultivate more skilled talents with new energy vehicle maintenance capabilities. (Daily Worker)