Wuhu, Anhui, June 6 (Reporter Zhang Jun Zhang Yazi) Carbon fiber fuselage, advanced avionics equipment, customized coating... In the hangar of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., more than ten DA4 series diamond general aircraft are neatly arranged and waiting for delivery.

Recently, the "High-quality Development Research Tour" delegation came to Wuhu, Anhui Province, to explore the high-quality development of the local aviation industry.

It is understood that compared with large aircraft, although the general aircraft is "smaller", the scientific and technological content is not low. Diamond general aircraft strictly follow international standards in aviation materials, avionics, flight control systems, electronic components, engines, etc., and have reached the industry-leading level.

In terms of performance, the model can fly more than 3000,280 kilometers continuously and cruising at a speed of <> kilometers per hour, which can not only be used for routine operations such as aviation training, air sightseeing, and short-distance transportation, but also equipped with cameras, radars, infrared imaging and other equipment to perform aerial photography, border patrol, atmospheric detection and other tasks.

According to Tian Manlin, executive deputy general manager of CETC Wuhu Diamond Aircraft Manufacturing Co., Ltd., in 2013, Wuhu and China Electronics Technology Group Co., Ltd. took advantage of the construction of Wuxuan Airport to introduce diamond small aircraft production lines from Austria around the general aviation industry.

Precision end tooth processing products. Photo by Zhang Yazi

"We started from a vacant land, started from scratch, and gradually formed the Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park today." Tian Manlin said that at present, the company's delivery volume of the same type of general aircraft ranks first in China for five consecutive years, and has become a leader in the domestic general aviation industry.

Around the general aviation industry chain and supply chain, Wuhu has also attracted many upstream and downstream and derivative enterprises. Xiongming Aviation Science and Industry (Wuhu) Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in the design, processing and manufacture of precision end tooths. According to Shi Delin, chairman of the company, precision end teeth are widely used in aerospace engines, gas turbines, nuclear power pumps, railway locomotives and industrial mother machines, and their processing accuracy requirements are extremely high. "This end tooth usually has to be 2016 thousandths of a millimeter, without a single error." Shi Delin said that since its establishment in 3, the company has developed rapidly, and the new plant is also under construction, and it is expected that after all production, it will achieve an annual output value of <> million yuan.

Today, Wuhu Aviation Industrial Park has formed four major sectors, covering comprehensive aircraft maintenance, general aviation operation, airport economy and airport logistics, with a built-up area of 23 square kilometers. The park promotes the agglomeration of upstream and downstream supporting industries such as aviation materials, avionics, flight control systems, and electronic components, covering nearly 200 projects in the whole industrial chain from complete aircraft, satellites, drones, engines to comprehensive maintenance and operation support, basically realizing "the production of a domestic general aviation aircraft without leaving the park". It is estimated that by 2025, the output value of Wuhu aerospace and low-altitude economy will exceed 1000 billion yuan. (End)