Bengbu, June 6 (Reporter Xia Bin Zhang Jun) In the Bengbu Economic Development Zone of Anhui Province, a towering high-rise building on several big red characters are particularly eye-catching - "China (Bengbu) Sensing Valley", which is the location of the China (Bengbu) Sensing Valley Central Innovation Park, and is also the core bearing platform for Bengbu City to build an intelligent sensing industrial cluster, and it is also known as the "three valleys" of artificial intelligence industry in Anhui Province together with Hefei "Sound Valley" and Wuhu "View Valley".

Wen Jianzhong, deputy director of Bengbu Science and Technology Bureau, said in an interview with the "High-quality Development Research Tour" interview group on the 3rd that in order to optimize the business environment and solve enterprise problems, the Economic Development Zone and Sensor Valley both focus on the needs of enterprises and make the service supporting more accurate, so they invested 3 million yuan to build the Sensor Valley public service platform, using vacant plants to build 5 public demonstration process lines in two phases.

The 9 public demonstration process lines include force sensor process line, sensor special processing circuit (ASIC) process line, sensor assembly and assembly process line, sensor special plastic sealing process line, high temperature co-fired ceramic (HTCC) process line, temperature and humidity acoustic sensor process line, test and screening process platform, inspection test process platform, and external auxiliary processing platform.

Wen Jianzhong revealed that 9 of the above 2 process lines are already installing equipment, and it is expected that 3 process lines will be officially operated before the end of the year.

This is undoubtedly good news for businesses. In the view of Wang Jianguo, chairman and general manager of Xici Technology, the biggest help to enterprises by the completion of the Sensor Valley public service platform is to "turn PPT into demo" more quickly and at low cost, shortening the time from scientific research theory to application market.

Xi Magnet Technology production line. Photo by Chabin

"We use the public service platform of Sensor Valley to test devices and verify products, and the cost will be much lower. To successfully enter the market with new products, the key is to be able to show the product in front of customers as quickly as possible, so that there is a possibility of winning orders and seizing the market first. Wang Jianguo said.

In 2021, Xi Magnet Technology completed the industrial and commercial change registration and moved its headquarters from Ningbo to Bengbu; In 2022, we will continue to expand production capacity, and start the construction of the first phase of the Bengbu Xici Science and Technology Park project with a total investment of 10 billion yuan, which takes only 4 months from the start of construction to the start of production; Since 2023, the order volume has maintained a synchronous growth trend, and it is currently stepping up production and starting full power.

It is reported that the Sensing Valley Park follows the overall layout of the industrial cluster of "one valley, three parks and multiple points", and the "three parks" are the MEMS core device industrial park, the science and technology incubation park, and the central innovation park; "Multi-point" means that each county and district combines the actual linkage to develop the upstream and downstream industries of intelligent sensing, forming a strong development trend of the first industry with overall planning of the city, linkage of counties and districts, and coordinated efforts.

Up to now, Sensing Valley has gathered more than 70 key enterprises in the intelligent sensing industry, including 39 enterprises above designated size, with an output value of 2022 billion yuan in 60.

It is worth noting that the Sensing Valley Park has the leading MEMS wafer foundry capacity in China, and the production capacity of 3,4 MEMS wafers per month will be formed after the completion of the three wafer lines.

The supporting policy facilities of Sensor Valley are also full of "magnetism". For example, in terms of factory buildings, targeted design and construction are carried out according to the characteristics of the sensor industry, supporting enterprises to "settle in with bags" with light assets, fast-paced "taking houses and putting into production", and providing land separately after development and growth; Park-level sewage treatment plants, bulk gas, electroplating treatment centers and other projects meet the supporting needs of enterprises.

Wang Jianguo believes that in the field of sensors, Bengbu Economic Development Zone has a perfect industrial chain and a good development environment, and the company has achieved rapid development here, and its business can achieve 50% growth every year after moving to Bengbu Economic Development Zone. "Bengbu is an old industrial city with a lot of precipitation, now we must seize the new opportunities of transformation and upgrading, and take the initiative to tap a new engine of high-quality development."

As Huang Xiaowu, Secretary of the Bengbu Municipal Party Committee, said: "Bengbu will be committed to inheriting innovative genes, making every effort to gather Bengbu Intelligent Manufacturing, focusing on promoting open cooperation, and striving to build an industrial cluster with independent controllability, the largest number of cores, the most complete sensor types, and an output value of more than 100 billion yuan, forming a domestic first-class and world-renowned China (Bengbu) Sensing Valley." (End)