Europe 1 11:39 am, 02 June 2023

Europe 1 organizes the 8th edition of the "Europe 1 Trophies of the Future" to reward talent, associations, innovative, ambitious and daring companies, who are committed and contribute to changing the world of tomorrow.

The France is full of talents who actively participate in building a sustainable and harmonious society, around the values of optimism and innovation. With the Europe 1 Trophies of the Future, the radio highlights its nuggets, all passed by the show La France bouge, presented by the journalist Elisabeth Assayag from Monday to Friday from 13h to 14h.

On Tuesday, June 20, an exceptional awards ceremony will be held at the Elysées Biarritz in Paris, presented by Elisabeth Assayag and Lucie Basch, co-founder and president of Too Good To Go. Winner of the food category at the 4th edition, Lucie Basch will have the honour of chairing the jury, which will reward each of the 8 winners of the "Europe 1 Trophies of the Future" during the ceremony.

The members of the jury are:

  • Donat Vidal Revel, Director General of Europe 1
  • Elisabeth Assayag, journalist and Europe 1 presenter
  • Lucie Basch, co-founder of Too Good To Go
  • Nathalie Carré, entrepreneurship project manager at CCI France
  • Thomas Derichebourg, President of Derichebourg Environnement
  • Philippe Coléon, Associate Managing Director of Acadomia
  • Lionel Comole, CEO of the Arthritis Foundation, supported by Clarins
  • Adrienne Treca, Business France INVEST Activity Coordinator
  • Arielle Schwab, Deputy CEO of Havas Paris
  • Wallerand Moullé-Berteaux, co-founder of Le Crayon
  • Romain Lanéry, entrepreneur and content creator
  • Alain Toledano, co-founding president of the Rafaël Institute
  • Christine Neau-Leduc, President of Sorbonne University Paris I

They will designate the winner of each of the 8 categories presented below:

Are nominated in the category "Food Trophy": BON VIVANT, the startup that produces milk based on nutritional yeasts and precision fermentation – BRIC À VRAC, the bulk sales solution in connected vending machine – OGUST NUTRITION, start-up that has embarked on a range of gourmet sauces to fight against undernutrition – PROTEME , a Parisian start-up that has developed an edible food coating.

The following are nominated in the "Solidarity Trophy" category: CLIC & MOI, a platform for connecting students and seniors, to fight against the digital divide – DIVERSIDAYS, a company that promotes equal opportunities in careers and entrepreneurship in the digital sector – EXUVIE, a startup that contributes to the renovation or transformation of furniture by autistic employees – PLATEAU URBAIN , a real estate cooperative that transforms buildings destined for destruction into emergency accommodation or ephemeral businesses.

Are nominated in the "Health Trophy" category: AGENT, a Parisian startup that detects Alzheimer's disease early by taking blood via artificial intelligence and neuroscience technologies – LATTICE MEDICAL, a company that develops and manufactures a regenerative breast prosthesis for mastectomy patients – NABLA, the medical assistant that helps health professionals in their daily lives – ZIWIG, a salivary test to detect endometriosis.

The following are nominated in the "Education Trophy" category: ATORIKA, an application that embarks children on a scientific or artistic adventure – BESMART-EDU, a start-up that accompanies young people towards excellence in scientific subjects from home – E-DUTAINMENT, the first application that provides English skills, based on cinema – POLYMNIA , artificial intelligence live video correction to public speaking.

The following are nominated in the "Mobility Trophy" category: ASCENDANCE FLIGHTS TECHNOLOGIES, a company working on innovations in air mobility, hybrid electric propulsion technology and a vertical take-off and landing aircraft – CAPS, a startup that develops affordable and discreet drones to help decongest major French cities – HABELO , a company that promotes the use of electric bikes through universal and waterproof electrification kits – URBANLOOP, an individual mode of transport on rails.

The following are nominated in the "Environment Trophy" category: BAMBOO FOR LIFE, a company that develops wastewater treatment technology by exploiting the natural characteristics of bamboo – GEOSOPHY, cleantech that maps buildings to use basement geo-energy – NÉOLITHE, transforms everyday waste into stones for construction – SWEETCH ENERGY , a startup that produces electricity by bringing together fresh and salt water.

Are nominated in the "International Trophy" category: GRAVIPACK, the backpack that relieves the shoulders, by distributing the weight on the center of gravity of the body – PROVENCE STUDIOS, startup that offers eco-responsible film studios for cinema – SINGULART, marketplace to help artists make themselves known and put them in touch with customers – TEAM FOR THE PLANET , the new entrepreneurship system at the service of the climate emergency.

Are nominated in the category "Trophée Coup de coeur CSR des auditeurs": COLETTE, startup that promotes intergenerational cohabitation between seniors and students or young workers – LES COPAINS DE BASTIEN, the solidarity chocolate factory that employs homeless people – DELIVR'AIDE, free delivery application of food and hygiene kits to students in difficulty – LE MOUTON GIVRÉ , an insulated bag made of French wool from an eco-responsible production.

Voting for this category is open until June 4, 2023: Listeners' CSR favourite.

About La France bouge : Fifth season for La France bouge on Europe 1 ! Companies, associations, local authorities... Every day, Elisabeth Assayag honours those who actively work for the renewal of economic society. The focus this year is on entrepreneurship and the sharing of experience, whether it is that of a big boss, that of a leader on the road to success or that of a business leader in the making. They each talk about their experience at the microphone of Europe 1 and share their tips and advice with those who have just started.

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