(Economic Watch) From seeds to industry "Coffee +" bursts into new consumption vitality

Zhongxin Wanghai, June 6 (Gao Zhimiao) "Life has no solution, come to a cup of latte" "If you have something in mind, come to a cup of American style"... Many "coffee terriers" have become the "street codewords" of "coffee powder", and coffee is becoming a new generation of "mass drinks".

According to the "2023 China Urban Coffee Development Report", the scale of China's coffee industry in 2022 will be 2007.2025 billion yuan, and it is expected that the scale of China's coffee industry will reach 3693.<> billion yuan in <>.

The 2023 Shanghai Coffee Culture Week ended on June 6, and many "big coffees" gathered in Shanghai during the Cultural Week to discuss the development of the coffee industry. Tang Di, partner of Kamen (Beijing) Network Technology Co., Ltd., told Chinanews.com that in recent years, China's coffee market has burst with amazing vitality, with new products constantly being developed, new formats constantly explored, and new increments constantly activated.

"There are more and more coffee consumers, coffee consumption is not only exchange and taste, it is more to a good drink, or a fun, fun, cool thing and emerging consumers contact and contact, these consumers through social platform grass recommendation or marketing early contact, and then become long-term customers of the coffee category, which has become a new opportunity for the development of China's coffee market." Tondy said.

On May 5, the "22 Years of Western-style Coffee Ware Special Exhibition" was launched in Shanghai and Hong Kong Sanlian Bookstore, and "coffee + reading" made the urban culture "coffee" more common. Photo by Gao Zhimiao

In 2019, Nowwa opened its first café in Shanghai, which has grown to more than 150 cities in China with more than 1800,2023 stores. Guo Xingjun, the founder of the company, observed that the entire consumer market continued to recover at the beginning of <>, especially the coffee track took the lead in ushering in recovery.

"At present, China's coffee market is in a very good window, the entire Chinese coffee market has a very large incremental space, Chinese coffee consumers' consumption frequency is almost one cup a month, compared with mature markets one cup a day, there will be about 30 times the growth space." Guo Xingjun said.

In Shanghai, coffee has also become a bright business card, the "2023 China Urban Coffee Development Report" pointed out that the total number of cafes in Shanghai reached 8530,1, with an average of 35.<> cafes per square kilometer, making it the city with the most cafes in the world.

With more than 400 square meters of specialty coffee space and 3000,2021 square meters of coffee sharing roasting factory, "No. 2022 Factory" located in Pujiang Town, Minhang District is a specialty coffee brand with sharing as the core. In <>, "No. <> Factory" was based on the Pujiang Town folk culture mascot "Liaofen", and created Liangfeng Coffee (Shanghai proverb four-season model) to successfully "break the circle" and was selected as "<> Shanghai Gift".

Hu Minghua, Director of the Publicity Department of Minhang District, Shanghai, introduced that the "Liangfeng" Huyan solar term theme high-quality hanging ear coffee not only introduces coffee beans from Yunnan to Minhang, but also integrates intangible cultural heritage and creativity with coffee culture innovation, so that the aroma of coffee awakens the memory of the city's cultural context.

While coffee brands continue to innovate, the coordinated development of the industry is also constantly advancing. The coffee industry exhibition and trading platform Hongqiao International Coffee Port built by Shanghai Hongqiao Import Commodities Exhibition and Trading Center (Hongqiao Pinhui) provides "one-stop" services for the upstream and downstream development of the coffee industry.

Zhu Jing, deputy general manager of Shanghai Hongqiao International Import Commodities Exhibition Co., Ltd., told reporters that Hongqiao International Coffee Port is committed to building a new cultural landmark and industrial highland integrating "coffee talent training center, coffee trade promotion center and coffee brand incubation center". It is a "seed-to-cup" coffee import and export trade promotion platform that combines front shop and back warehouse, trade retail, online and offline, and display trading.

With the in-depth development of the coffee industry, more and more coffee brands are combined with urban art spaces, public welfare projects, etc., coffee + reading, coffee + performing arts, coffee + tourism and other "coffee +" models, making urban culture "coffee" more common.

"Now all newly opened bookstores in Shanghai will be equipped with self-operated coffee operation space." Wang Yaohua, vice president and secretary general of the Shanghai Book Distribution Industry Association, told reporters that "bookstore + coffee" makes the existence value of bookstores more diversified, the living space has also been extended, and there is an additional function in the empowerment of urban public space, creating a social value of "third space".

Regarding the future development of the coffee industry, Qi Chaojie, deputy director and deputy secretary-general of the Coffee Professional Committee of Shanghai Technician Association and special consultant of Hongqiao International Coffee Port, said that in the future, the comprehensive iterative upgrading of the coffee industry chain, digital transformation, and the vigorous growth of urban coffee business will continue to empower the high-quality development of China's coffee industry. (End)