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Talk show guest Peter Hahne

Photo: Niels Starnick / BILD

The tabloid »Bild« is considering discontinuing its best-known TV format. According to the Axel Springer publishing house, the talk "Viertel nach Acht" is to be ended. The reason is apparently the decision of the new editor-in-chief, chaired by Marion Horn, to further reduce the TV offering.

The editor-in-chief at the time, Julian Reichelt, had brought »Bild« to television from 2021, but the success of Bild TV always fell short of the publisher's expectations. His successor, Johannes Boie, had already shrunk the station massively, leaving behind a core program with low-cost programs such as "Viertel Nach Acht". Last November, it was said that the format would "continue to be produced for YouTube and also shown in the TV program". That could be over now.

Separation of other employees

A "Bild" spokesman does not want to confirm the end of the talk show, the format is currently "regular" in the summer break. The time is being used to "fundamentally develop" the moving image strategy in order to attract new target groups and greater reach. A more detailed program preview will be announced "like all broadcasters" successively from mid-June. Presenter Nena Brockhaus said goodbye to the summer break on 31 May: "We'll see you again soon". Internally, however, it is said that the end of the TV format is sealed, no one expects a return.

At the same time, "Bild" wants to part with other employees with fixed-term contracts, as a spokesman confirms: There are currently "no temporary contracts" that "Bild" would have made permanent. In doing so, the publisher is also solving a problem that has been causing discord in the editorial office for months: Reichelt's fiancée worked as a reporter at »Bild« until the end, which was seen internally as a conflict of interest.

The ex-editor-in-chief is in a multimillion-dollar legal battle with his former employer, and he also runs his own YouTube channel, which is aimed at a similar audience to Bild TV. Now, according to SPIEGEL information, the journalist's contract has not been extended, and a spokesman denies a connection with her partner's media start-up. The reporter had once started as a trainee under Reichelt.