Monitoring data from the State Post Bureau shows that as of May 5, China's express delivery business volume has reached 31 billion pieces this year, 500 days earlier than the 2019 billion pieces in 500 and 155 days earlier than in 2022. It took only 27 months to break 500 billion pieces, which not only showed the strong growth and development resilience of the postal express industry, but also reflected the accelerated release of China's consumer market demand and the vigorous development trend since this year.

From breaking 39 billion pieces in 100 days to exceeding 5 billion pieces in 500 months, behind the average monthly growth of "<> billion" in express delivery business volume is the epitome and portrayal of China's economic vitality. Since the beginning of this year, affected by favorable policies such as the strategy of expanding domestic demand, the postal express industry has played a good role in opening up production and marketing channels, connecting supply and demand, connecting online and offline, and smoothing internal and external circulation, and gradually becoming an important force in driving national economic growth, serving national strategic deployment, ensuring stable economic and social operation and satisfying people's yearning for a better life.

The booming postal express industry has not only stimulated the prosperity of the consumer market, but also stimulated new momentum for industrial integration, bringing benefits to the development of other industries and the virtuous cycle of supply and demand. Since the launch of the theme education on studying and implementing Xi Jinping's Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, the State Post Bureau has closely grasped the major problems affecting and restricting the high-quality development of the postal express delivery industry, organized postal administration departments at all levels to seriously carry out investigation and research, solve problems, promote development, actively promote the "two in and one out" project, strengthen the construction of rural delivery logistics system, and better play the role of the postal express industry in major strategies such as serving and expanding domestic demand, deepening supply-side structural reform, and comprehensively promoting rural revitalization. In Cangzhou, Hebei, the postal administration department instructed express delivery companies to integrate delivery services into the front end of the industrial chain and supply chain, actively created a mode of inbound logistics, warehouse and distribution integration, and served the production and sales of craft glass products, with an annual shipment volume of more than 3000 million pieces, helping craft glass products sell well in China and exported to more than 50 countries and regions overseas, supporting an annual output value of 8 million yuan. The emerging "express delivery into the factory" model is not only conducive to reducing costs and increasing efficiency for manufacturing enterprises, but also helps express delivery improve the supply chain capacity of the service industry chain and open up new market space.

"Take off!" On the evening of May 5, with the roar of an engine, an express full-freighter carrying nearly 26 tons of cargo took off from Hubei Ezhou Huahu Airport, setting up a new channel for domestic and foreign interconnection. In Shenzhen, the Airport Mail Express Supervision Center fully applied intelligent information technology to improve the efficiency of goods inspection, continuously compress the overall customs clearance time, attract a number of international express delivery companies to settle in, and run the acceleration of cross-border customs clearance. Land transport lines connect Southeast Asia, railway trains go directly to Central Asia, freight routes fly directly to Europe and the United States... Since the beginning of this year, express delivery enterprises have comprehensively used sea, land, air and other modes of transportation to promote "express delivery to the sea" to a higher level, improved the RCEP regional service network, improved the radiation driving capacity of the "Belt and Road", played an important role in promoting domestic demand and external demand, and injected new impetus into the smooth domestic and international dual circulation.

At present, the postal express industry is fully preparing for the "618" mid-year business season. Major brand delivery enterprises vigorously improve the level of digital operation, optimize the transit and delivery process, actively allocate manpower, vehicles and air transportation capacity and other resources, and accelerate the use of equipment and technologies such as automatic sorting, unmanned warehouses, unmanned vehicles, and drones to improve the overall production service guarantee capability.

With the continuous improvement of the postal express industry's ability to cover urban and rural areas, connect the whole country and reach the world, it will further play its role in stabilizing the industrial chain and supply chain, promoting economic and social development, supporting national strategies, etc., and make positive contributions to expanding domestic demand, stabilizing the economy, helping circulation, benefiting people's livelihood, ensuring employment, and strengthening governance. (Source: China Post Express News)