Israel: a new Pride march under high security in Jerusalem

A tide of rainbow flags, and a tide of police, in the streets of Jerusalem. As every year, the pride march was held under high security, in the holy city. This parade is threatened each time by groups of conservative Jews, some from the circles of the Israeli extreme right.

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An Israeli border guard secures the Pride march in Jerusalem, June 1, 2023. © MENAHEM KAHANA / AFP

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With our correspondent in Jerusalem, Sami Boukhelifa

Standing in the middle of the crowd, a rainbow kippah on his head. "I prefer to remain anonymous," he says immediately. 36 years old, religious Jew, married, this is his first pride march. Only his wife, who accompanies him, is aware of his homosexuality. "She's my partner. Together, we save appearances," he explains. "It's very hard. Because we suffer a lot of animosity, "grimaces the young man. "Here, homosexuality still inspires fear in some. Mentalities take time to change. It's sad."

« We have an obligation to preserve the holiness of Jerusalem »

200 meters further, behind metal barriers and a cordon of police: "Shame, shame, shame," chant about fifty counter-demonstrators. Among them, there is in particular Michaël 22 years old, sign in hand: "a dad + a mom = a family". "As a religious Jew, we have an obligation to preserve the sanctity of Jerusalem from this matter, which is a grave prohibition in Jewish law. The State of Israel is a Jewish state, before it is democratic. In the street, you need a Jewish character above all. And that's absolutely not Jewish."


Jerusalem is not Sodom," the handful of counter-protesters shouted. But their voices are drowned out by those of the 30,000 people who participate in this "pride and tolerance" march.

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