China News Network Xiangyang, June 6 Topic: Foreign guests visit Xiangyang, Hubei Province: Experience trackless trains and feel the beautiful countryside

Authors: Hu Chuanlin, Zhang Qianlong, Feng Xuanyuan

"Xiangyang automobile industry has strong strength, high technology content, increase the development and utilization of new energy, and change to the green environmental protection development route, which is worth learning from!" On May 5, Venezuelan National Congress member Geneses Galvert said after visiting the Xiangyang car company in Hubei Province.

Foreign guests take a group photo on the ancient city wall of Xiangyang Photo by Hu Chuanlin

On the same day, some foreign guests attending the special external propaganda conference "The Story of the Communist Party of China - The Practice of Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics in Hubei in the New Era" arrived in Xiangyang to launch a two-day visit. Foreign guests walked into Xiangyang Tenglong Automobile Co., Ltd. and BYD Xiangyang Industrial Park to feel the surging kinetic energy of "Famous Auto City"; Enter Yaoan Village in Yinji Township and listen to the story of China's rural revitalization; Climb the ancient city wall of Xiangyang and appreciate the unique charm of the historical and cultural city.

Xiangyang Tenglong Automobile Co., Ltd. is a customized vehicle manufacturing enterprise integrating product development, manufacturing, sales and service, and its products are exported to India, Kazakhstan, Peru, Egypt, South Korea and other countries.

Walking into the company, foreign guests board a smart rail train with great interest. "Compared with traditional trams, our trains do not need to lay tracks on the road surface, and use virtual track following control, so that the vehicle can walk intelligently." After listening to the introduction of the docent, the foreign guests gave a thumbs up.

After the test ride of the intelligent rail train, the foreign guests visited the intelligent equipment such as ART, new energy buses, special vehicles and unmanned driving of Tenglong Automobile. Genesys Galvolt said: "Hubei is a province with developed transportation and rich industry, and in Xiangyang, we have seen a variety of high-tech new energy vehicles, which has great reference significance for the development of our country's automobile industry. ”

Walking into the Xiangyang City Planning Exhibition Hall, foreign guests rode VR bicycles to "tour" Xiangyang City, enjoying the picturesque scenery while feeling the modern atmosphere of urban development.

In Yao'an Village, the "most beautiful village in Xiangyang", the new house with white walls and gray tiles and upturned eaves ridges has aroused the interest of foreign guests. In recent years, relying on ecological resources and location advantages, Yaoan Village has successfully introduced more than 10 agricultural projects such as Taohualing and Oil Peony, creating a tourism economy based on "weekend tours, picking tours, study tours, and pastoral experience tours".

Foreign guests live broadcast at Xiangyang Car Company Photo by Hu Chuanlin

Coinciding with the fragrant season of melons and fruits, villagers set up freshly picked peach and plum and wrapped rice dumplings on the square, moved to the stone mill site to grind soy milk, and warmly entertained guests from afar.

Rubisre González, a China expert at the Cuban Center for International Political Studies, said: "The implementation of the rural revitalization strategy by the Communist Party of China has turned China's rural areas upside down, and urban residents share the fruits of high-tech development, live and work in peace and contentment, and achieve common prosperity, which is worth learning from." (End)