Is your circle of friends a variety of concerts on weekends? It seems that concerts are being held all over the country. Even on May 5, 20 singers held concerts in different cities, including Zhang Jie, Liang Jingru, Zhang Shaohan, Zhou Chuanxiong, Zhang Xinzhe, Liu Ruoying, Tan Yonglin, Xue Zhiqian, Li Ronghao, Li Yuchun, etc., and Zhang Xinzhe held a concert in Nanjing.

At the same time, do you often have people in your circle who say that they set an alarm clock to grab concert tickets, but they always fail quickly? Soon, Nanjing will welcome the concert of powerful singers such as Ren Xianqi, Liu Ruoying, Zhang Jie, Zhang Shaohan and so on. So, didn't you grab the ticket again?


From April to May, the concert season is high, and it is held almost every weekend

Recently, the hottest concert is Mayday's six consecutive performances in Beijing. The reporter learned that many Nanjing citizens grabbed tickets and took a high-speed train to Beijing on weekends, which is very convenient. Since the beginning of this year, the performance market has actively recovered with a pomp and circumstance visible to the naked eye, according to the national performance data for the first quarter of 6 released by the China Association for Performing Arts, the number of performances nationwide reached 2023,6, an increase of 89.95% over the same period last year.

From music festivals to concerts, many people's weekends are "either watching performances or on the way to see performances".

Take Nanjing as an example, on March 3, Li Ronghao's "Across the Seas" tour kicked off the first shot of the recovery of the Nanjing performance market, which was also the first stop of his tour.

After that, basically every weekend, there were singers singing in Nanjing. On March 3 and April 31, Yan Renzhong toured to Nanjing; From April 4th to April 1th, singers such as Xu Song and Guo Ding parachuted into the Yangtze River Chao Music Festival; From May 4st to May 8nd, popular rock singers such as Jiulian Real People, Prison Break Project, New Pants and other popular rock singers parachuted into the Midou Music Festival, as well as the Full Hall Music Festival in Muyan Scenic Area, and Xue Zhiqian's "Alien Objects" tour; On May 4, the long-lost "rock old cannon" Zhang Chu came out of the mountain, and many golden songs triggered a chorus of Nanjing music fans.

On May 5, Zhang Xinzhe's "Future 20.2" Nanjing Station, most of which are familiar "philosophical love songs", and classic old songs such as "Love Like a Tide" have triggered a collective chorus; On May 0, Land Rover's "It's Me Anyway" tour to Nanjing.

On May 5, Zhang Yunlei of Deyun Society held a concert in Nanjing, singing "Qingshui River" in full concert, which made the concert reach a climax.

Summer vacation is approaching, and more than 10 singers are about to tour to Nanjing

Next is the summer vacation, according to incomplete statistics, Nanjing will also have more than 10 singers bring solo concerts.

On June 6, singer Ren Xianqi, who has many golden songs such as "Sad Pacific" and "The Girl on the Other Side Watches", went to Nanjing for his "Qi Trail on the Road" tour.

On June 6, singer and producer Little Ghost - Wang Linkai's 10 "DEADLINE" tour will be held at the Olympic Sports Center Stadium. On June 2023, Liu Ruoying's "Flying Day" 6 tour was also held in Nanjing, the performance venue was the gymnasium, Liu Ruoying, who is famous for her love songs, will bring a luxurious song list this time, which has made many fans cry.

On June 6, Zhang Shaohan's "Fable" World Tour Nanjing Station; On July 18, Zhang Jiewei · LIVE "Yao Beidou" tour to Nanjing; On July 7, 15 Chen Grain's "Tour" tour Nanjing Station.

There are also many who have officially announced Nanjing Station, but the itinerary is to be determined, such as Wu Bai, Liang Jingru, Lin Junjie, Zhang Yuan and so on.

In addition, outdoor music festivals are also popular, during the Dragon Boat Festival, music festivals in Jiangsu, including Nanjing, will be in a state of explosion, and singers such as Wang Sulong will be present.

Grab tickets and ask three questions

1 Why is Nanjing a singer concert tour destination?

According to the comprehensive information of the online ticketing platform, it can be seen that since the beginning of this year, more than 400 concerts have been held in large stadiums across the country, far exceeding the same period in 2019.

According to the published concert information, Guangzhou, Shanghai and Shenzhen ranked among the top three in the country, and the number of singers holding solo concerts reached 48, 43 and 38 respectively. With 20 to 30 singers, the official announcements are Nanjing, Wuhan, Xi'an and Changsha.

It can be seen that Nanjing is a popular city officially announced by the concert, whether it is Nanjing's population density, the number of fan groups, or the city's cultural heritage, as well as geographical location, convenient transportation, perfect venue facilities, etc., have been favored by singers and brokerage companies.

2 Why is the concert ticketing always "nothing"?

Because the demand for everyone to watch concerts is too strong, on the public ticketing platform, almost all popular performances have appeared "nothing at all".

Take the ticket for the recent concert of Ren Xianqi Nanjing, some netizens posted in early May that he pinched the ticket opening time to the ticket purchase platform, and the result was gone in a few seconds, and then continued to swipe for half an hour, click in and still no. Later, he participated in the robbery of Qingdao Station, but he still didn't have a second, "I have liked Ren Xianqi for so many years, and my youth is all yours." But he is also happy for Ren Xianqi, after so many years, people who like him still like him silently. Some netizens said that Ren Xianqi has actually switched to the big screen over the years and launched many movies such as "Edge Walker", but his songs really accompany his youth and I want to listen to it live.

Zhang Jie's Nanjing concert also ran out of tickets, and many netizens asked for tickets on social platforms, and it is reported that it has been successfully added.

Since the resumption of this year's concert, almost all venues have burst out "one ticket is hard to find", which is shocking and even incredible. For example, before the Mayday Beijing Bird's Nest concert opened on three platforms, Damai single platform released no less than 3,6 tickets per performance, 18 shows 30,230, plus other platforms, the total number of votes is less than <>,<>. However, shows that the number of people who "want to see" exceeds <>.<> million, and the gap between people and tickets is too large, and it has become the norm for fans not to grab tickets.

However, some insiders told reporters that the concert is not an explosion, and there are still many concerts with considerable tickets, which is related to the appeal and influence of the singer and the acceptance of the public.

3 Can't grab a ticket, is it really a slow hand?

In the face of the wail of "can't grab tickets" on the whole network, many enthusiastic netizens posted "nanny-level ticket grabbing strategies" on social platforms.

The reporter saw that some netizens opened two mobile phones, clicked at the same time, the speed of clicking was so fast that it was almost impossible to see the double image, judging from her screen recording, one of the mobile phones grabbed the ticket and paid 1520 yuan.

Some netizens carefully concluded: "Damai can set the audience information in advance, so that when you grab it, you don't need to choose the audience information, and you can pay directly." Enter the software five minutes in advance and start grabbing on time. It doesn't matter if you didn't grab the first round, you can continue to wait or keep refreshing on the main interface, because if someone doesn't pay, the ticket will return. This is when you can pick up the leaks. "Picking up the flow ticket is the consensus of many netizens, but the key is to seize the golden time.

Another fan who also grabbed tickets in Damai also posted on social platforms to share his successful experience: "I started to swipe non-stop about 10 minutes in the countdown, and all other apps in the background except Damai and Alipay were returned." I also turned on Do Not Disturb mode specifically on my phone. ”

Say 1 more word

"Scalpers" Are Rampant Standardized management urgently requires a multi-pronged approach

Scalpers are a topic that cannot be avoided in the performance market. In order to watch the concert, many fans had to endure the pain of buying premium tickets. There are also more and more people who have come forward to call for a boycott of scalpers.

The rampant disruption of market order by scalpers has attracted great attention from regulatory authorities. A person from a ticketing platform told reporters that on April 4, the China Performance Industry Association issued the Notice of the General Office of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism on Further Strengthening the Management of the Performance Market and Regulating the Order of the Performance Market, clearly stating that "the number of commercial performance tickets that are publicly sold to the market by performance organizers and performance ticket operators shall not be less than 26% of the approved audience".

The reporter noticed that in order to crack down on scalpers, various ticketing platforms continue to build a "firewall" of the ticketing system through order restrictions, real-name systems, technical crackdowns and other means, squeezing the space for illegal channels to make profits. Among them, the "strong real-name system" is currently a more severe method, requiring "ID card ticket purchase + face recognition verification admission", and some sessions have tried "time-limited refund", "electronic ticketing" and "only one transfer allowed".

On the whole, the performance market from recovery to explosion, promoting the consumption activation of more than 10 industries such as accommodation, catering, transportation, exhibition, tourism, etc., leverage effect is increasingly prominent, so the concert economy must not be allowed to develop disorderly, it is necessary for the competent authorities and regulatory departments to strike hard, multi-pronged, increase the crackdown and standardize management, and protect consumer rights and interests, so as to better enhance the city's visibility and show the city's good business environment.

Yangtze Evening News/Purple Cow News reporter Kong Xiaoping