The Government has launched, two days after the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, announced the advance of the general elections, 1,610 positions of civil servants for the General Administration of the State (AGE). The Official State Gazette (BOE) of this Wednesday collects it, and the offer is broken down into 793 places of the free shift and 817 are for internal promotion.

To the former, therefore, "any citizen who meets the requirements to perform that position" can apply, as indicated by the Ministry of Public Function. "The remaining 817 positions are intended for internal promotion, the process linked to personnel who already have the status of public employee and aspire to promote other professional classification groups," he adds.

The call corresponds to the Public Employment Offer of 2020 and the places are to work in Government Delegations or Subdelegations, the SEPE, the Labor Inspectorate, the Reina Sofía Museum and the National Dramatic Center. From Public Function.

"The places, which are for positions distributed throughout the Spanish territory, are divided among the five professional groups in different ways. For the one that exists more offer is the M1 Group, for which the degree of Higher Technician in Vocational Training is required, offers 851 places, "details Public Function.

And from the Ministry of María Jesús Montero, this call is totally dissociated from the fact that elections have been called. They point out that the call was already scheduled for this week, and that the Government is not in office so it must continue with its activity.

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