Margaux Fodéré / Photo credit: SERGE TENANI / HANS LUCAS / HANS LUCAS VIA AFP 07:08, May 31, 2023

The Minister Delegate for Public Accounts Gabriel Attal announced that he wanted to accelerate the fight against social fraud. Merger of the Carte Vitale and the identity card, doubling of adjustments by 2027, changes to the conditions of access to housing allowances... There are many measures for fraud in which professionals would be the main actors.

Gabriel Attal has declared war on social fraudsters. The Minister of Public Accounts has promised to strengthen controls on pensioners living abroad, to cross the files of the CAF and the Ministry of the Interior to track down cheaters. It also plans to merge the Carte Vitale and the identity card to avoid sharing the famous Carte Vitale. These measures seem to be aimed at individuals, but in reality, it is professionals who are at the origin of most social fraud.

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Fraud in social security contributions

Businesses and micro-entrepreneurs are looking to reduce the contributions they have to pay. This is called social security fraud. According to the URSSAF, it represents nearly eight billion euros per year. It can take several forms, says Emmanuel Dellacherie, deputy director URSAFF in charge of control: "These are frauds that are committed, either in the case of salaried jobs that are undeclared or part of the remuneration is not declared, or self-employed workers who do not declare all of their income from activity."

Medical Acts Fraud

Another fraud, that of medical acts. Last year, the health insurance detected and stopped for more than 300 million euros and nearly three quarters would be done by health professionals. "A doctor who will make a double prescription, health insurance will double pay money to the health professional," says economist Rémi Le Gall.

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Welfare fraud

Welfare fraud is more often perpetrated by individuals. No global estimate exists but in 2021, social security detected 300 million euros of fraud in family allowances.