China News Network Yichang, May 5 Topic: 31% security inspection of ships crossing the Three Gorges gate: guarding the "heavy weapons of a big country"

Authors: Jiang Kun, Liu Jiaxin, Tian Siyu, Quan Anhua

As the throat and key node of the golden waterway of the Yangtze River, the safe and stable operation of the Three Gorges Hub section is of great importance. Since June 2018, 6, the Three Gorges Navigation Administration of the Yangtze River (hereinafter referred to as the Three Gorges Bureau) has implemented 1% safety inspections on ships passing through the gates. In the past five years, more than 100,25 ships have been inspected, more than 1,5 safety defects have been found and rectified, and the pass rate of security inspection has increased from 88.9% in the initial period to 98.4% year by year.

The security inspection of ship gates has played a role in guaranteeing and supporting the safety of the Three Gorges hub of "big countries and heavy weapons", and has become the starting point for on-site management of navigation safety and the foundation for preventing and resolving safety risks.

Strictly control and build a security barrier for "big countries and heavy weapons."

At the beginning of 2018, Order No. 1 of the Ministry of Transport "Interim Measures for the Safety Inspection of Ships Passing through the Gates of the Three Gorges Water Conservancy Hub of the Yangtze River" (hereinafter referred to as the "Measures") was officially released. The Three Gorges Bureau acted quickly: the security inspection of ship gates increased from 5% to 100% full inspection, expanded security inspection projects, and quickly followed up with personnel, finance, materials, management mechanisms and related supporting facilities.

During this period, the Three Gorges Bureau systematically sorted out all kinds of ship security inspection problems, continuously optimized the security inspection process and detailed specifications, dug deep into the root cause of ship safety risks, explored and refined the "security inspection formula" and "looking, hearing and asking" diagnostic methods, innovated the "one-two-three-four-five" working method of differentiated management of ships, the accurate inspection of "one ship and one file", the "key tracking list" and the ship safety status rating mechanism...

The picture shows the daily security inspection of the Miaohe Coastal Patrol Law Enforcement Brigade Courtesy of the Three Gorges Navigation Administration of the Yangtze River

In order to implement 100% security inspection, the Three Gorges General Navigation Command Center strictly implements the provisions of the "Three Gorges-Gezhouba Navigation Scheduling Regulations", carefully reviews the basic declaration information of the vessel, carefully arranges and regularly releases the security inspection plan, and urges the ship to arrive at the security inspection waters in time to accept the security check; The Three Gorges Anchorage Management Office dynamically determines the number of ships to be inspected in a timely manner, and carefully directs the berthed ships to the Yangtze River Three Gorges Navigation Comprehensive Service Area for inspection.

At the same time, the crew's awareness has changed from "I want to be safe" to "I want to be safe". The awareness of the main responsibility of shipping enterprises for safe production has been further consolidated, the phenomenon of concealment and false reporting of ships has been significantly reduced, the behavior of overloading and overdraft of ships has basically disappeared, and the management of ship certificates and documents has been further standardized.

Anti-pollution to polish the ecological background of the green gorge

After exploration and practice, the Three Gorges Bureau has established the "three controls, three perfections and two prohibitions" ship pollution prevention and control Three Gorges model, solidly promoted the special action of tackling ship pollutants in the Three Gorges River section, rectifying the prominent pollution problems of ships and ports in the Three Gorges River section, deepening the action of defending the beautiful Yangtze River "105 Perfection and Three Promotion", and improving the annual action of tackling and improving ship pollution prevention and control in the Three Gorges hub section.

The picture shows the on-site inspection of the ship's domestic sewage treatment device, courtesy of the Yangtze River Three Gorges Navigation Administration

In the past five years, the Three Gorges Bureau has a total of nearly 3000,1500 bypass valves for lead-sealed ships, more than 4000,<> lead-sealed ships that meet the standard discharge valves, more than <>,<> "zero emission" ships, and nearly <>,<> zero-emission confirmed inspection certificates. It has realized the full lead seal of perennial gate ships, and basically realized the "zero emission" of ships passing through the gate.

The security inspectors of the Three Gorges Bureau pay close attention to pollution prevention and control, and guide the crew to learn relevant laws, regulations and business knowledge; Check the pipeline direction of the ship's domestic sewage storage cabinet, and rectify the ships that have not implemented "zero discharge" at high pressure; Increase on-site supervision and law enforcement, focusing on checking the transshipment, receipt, and disposal of pollutants from ships to ensure the true delivery of pollutants; Fully assist in the construction of "automatic investigation and intelligent management" pollution prevention supervision system...... Through a series of measures, we will gradually promote the transformation of "zero emissions" of ships to "carbon reduction, pollution reduction and green expansion" of shipping.

Technology empowers to create a frontier for smart security checks

In January 2023, the Three Gorges Bureau trialed the intelligent security inspection mode for tourist passenger ships, effectively reducing the time spent waiting for the security check of ships to pass through the gates after tourists boarded the ship, helping passenger ships realize the transformation from "passenger waiting for ships" to "ships waiting for passengers", and optimizing tourist experience. In May of the same year, the Three Gorges Bureau used drones for the first time to check the draft of berthed ships and the types of cargo loaded, and used drones to remotely shout to remind ships to complete security checks "clock-in".

To let the ship run less errands and more information, the Three Gorges Bureau uses the "Three Gorges General Navigation e-Station" to realize remote collection and online verification of crew identity information, and complete the "gorgeous transformation" from on-site verification to remote "clock-in"; Boost Beidou's shipborne intelligent terminals to the bow of thousands of ships, greatly improving the success rate of remote declaration.

Use big data to establish communication bridges, establish ship databases, register security ships, and ensure that the safety dynamics of each ship passing through the gate are under control.

By automatically replacing labor, the automatic draft detection device of ships is pioneered and put into operation in the entire Yangtze River line, which objectively and truthfully reflects the draft of ships and overcomes the problem of large manual detection errors.

Plug in the "wings" of science and technology to security inspection equipment and facilities, fully put into use the fourth-generation handheld terminal, and add functions such as face recognition and captain's fingerprint confirmation; Continuously upgrade the Three Gorges-Gezhouba Gate Ship Security Inspection Information Sharing Software to further realize the information association and binding between people, ships and cargo.

"We will continue to explore and use new technologies, innovate and optimize security inspection modes, and build the security checkpoint of ships passing through the gate into a scientific and technological powerhouse on both sides of the Xia River." Zhou Wenwu, director of the Three Gorges Dam District Maritime Division of the Three Gorges Bureau, said.

Concentrate on forging the soul and build an "iron army" of security inspection that is refined into steel

Over the past five years, security inspectors have been on the front line of the bow of the ship, standing by during key periods such as lock maintenance, various holidays, flood season, dry period and other periods of high accident hidden danger, cracking down on "illegal fishing", controlling "ship selling", banning "three no" ships and other special actions. The security inspectors guarded the "zero distance" service window of the Three Gorges General Navigation, practiced the concept of "sunshine security inspection and smile service", strictly implemented the regulations of "double random, one public" and other regulations of the security inspection of the gate, issued a supervision card for business style and integrity, took the initiative to accept social supervision, and demonstrated the good image of "serving the ship wholeheartedly" with practical actions.

After long-term efforts, the two security inspection brigades of Miaohe and Linjiangping under the Three Gorges Navigation Administration have won the honorary titles of "National Transportation Industry Civilization Demonstration Window" and "Long Navigation System Youth Civilization" for many times.

"We will continue to implement the management mechanism of 'one disclosure, double randomness, three discussions, four specifications, and five inspections', further improve the service level with 'sunshine security inspection', shape the image externally, strengthen the quality of the inside, and continuously make the security inspection team 'strong and strong' in practice." Zhou Jianwu, director of the Three Gorges Maritime Safety Bureau of the Three Gorges Bureau, said. (End)