China News Network, June 6 (Zhongxin Finance, Zuo Yuqing) "It's so cute, my God, my heart is moved! As early as early May, "post-1" Zhou Zhou (pseudonym) took a fancy to the Sanrio co-branded toys in KFC's "June 5st" Children's Day package, and couldn't wait to meet with friends to "fight the order": "Let's go eat this together, draw cool romi for me, smoke a cinnamon dog for you." ”

The good-looking skin bag is the same, and the cute soul has to pass "June One". Nowadays, the annual Children's Day is no longer a joy for children alone, and adults who have long been away from Neverland also want a "piece of the pie".

"Older babies" also have to celebrate the holidays

"I went to the store and said that the toys were sold out early in the morning, and the children were disappointed!" On May 5, the day after the official release of KFC's "June 21st" Children's Day package, some parents commented.

McDonald's limited edition of Children's Day toys, Tetris, which went on sale on May 5, was also sold out on the day of release.

"Limited" is not the only reason why children can't grab set toys, there are also a group of crazier "big friends" on the track limited to "June 1st".

"I ordered takeout at 11 o'clock on the day of the sale, and the page said that it was delivered at 25:<> a.m., but I actually received it after <> p.m." A consumer told Zhongxin Finance that Lele Tea's loopy co-branded series is also selling hot. "In addition, the plush mirror pendant limited online, I clicked to place an order, and after payment, it will be displayed as sold out."

A "post-90s" posted Lele tea loopy joint product. Photo courtesy of interviewee.

Compared to children who have to choose between multiple roles, some mature adults simply choose "all of them". "Every look is cute, and the choice is difficult."

Zhongxin Finance noticed that many Children's Day limited peripherals such as "Yugui Dog" and "Lele Tea Loopy" have rushed to Weibo hot searches, and the rush to buy has once again spawned the scalper's "substitute robbery" and "substitute eating" business. In last year's "June 1st" Children's Day marketing campaign, Reachable Duck also became a popular "out of the circle".

In addition to snapping up Children's Day limited toys, adults have their own way of celebrating. "Every year on Children's Day, many people in the circle of friends post gifts, jewelry, bags, cosmetics and everything." "Post-90s" Xiaohan (pseudonym) told Zhongxin Finance that many friends around him will "show affection" on Children's Day.

Why are adults "childlike"?

Why did the festival originally intended for children become an adult carnival?

"Who doesn't have a baby living in their heart?" Some netizens said that Children's Day was lively, giving them the sense of youthfulness that they had no scruples about when they were children. "I want to be naïve once in a while."

In addition to the "atmosphere group", there is also a "sentiment group" among the adults who celebrate Children's Day.

Infographic: Members of the public selecting toys in toy stores. Photo by Shi Hongyu

Xiaoxiao (pseudonym), a post-90s office worker, recently ordered the Qmsv-mini Gundam Blind Box for himself as a "June <>st" gift. "I liked these when I was a child, but unfortunately my parents were rarely willing to buy them for me." He told Zhongxin Finance that now his enthusiasm for Gundam has not diminished, and he has the ability to pay for himself. "Now that toys are better made, they prefer to collect."

Zhongxin Finance found that in the linkage activities of Children's Day, many brands also played the "nostalgia card".

For example, Wallace launched the animated version of Journey to the West co-branded water gun, Pizza Hut launched Pokémon co-branded toys, Catering launched Mario co-branded toys, Nai Xue's tea launched SpongeBob co-branded water cups, etc., behind these co-branded IPs, there is no lack of older audiences.

The "June One" who is targeted and the adults who are "harvested"

With the enthusiasm of adults for Children's Day, today, Children's Day is becoming a "shopping festival" for adults. Many brands eyed the "June 1st" Children's Day and threw olive branches to adults.

For example, Starbucks combined Children's Day with the Dragon Boat Festival, and launched Star Ice Dumpling gift bags with fashion shoulder bags as the selling point; Heytea anchors the pet economy and attracts pet owners to consume with "furry children" benefits such as pet cream that dogs can eat; Little by little, mini milk tea cups were launched, and "dress-up stickers" full of childhood memories were presented.

Some insiders pointed out that catering brands have a low-price advantage in festival marketing and lower marketing costs, so it is easier to attract impulse consumers. And with the rise of the "self-pleasing economy", the "post-90s" and "post-95s" are also more willing to pay for the experience of "childhood".

The rush to buy limited-edition set menus on Children's Day has also spawned scalpers' "robbery" and "substitute eating" businesses. Screenshot from a second-hand platform.

In addition to traditional catering marketing, more big names are eyeing the "June 1st" Children's Day.

For example, in 2021, the art life brand Fauvism launched the "June 2022" blind box gift; In <>, Samsung and Bubble Matt's IP Sweet Bean jointly launched the "Instant Projector".

However, while Children's Day has become a popular manufacturing machine for brand marketing, it has also caused many brands to be criticized for being "hotly hyped" by scalpers for limited models. Many consumers also complained that brands "can't afford to play" due to insufficient stock of brand-limited models.

"The essence of Children's Day marketing is festival marketing in the short term." A brand marketing analyst told Zhongxin Finance that brands should pay more attention to consumers' experience while paying attention to marketing effects. "The hard power behind marketing is still the products and services themselves." (End)