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Piazza dei Signori in Verona: 180,000 euros swindled


In Verona, a man kept his deceased mother in the apartment for six years, during which time she collected her pension. This is reported by the online portal »t-online« with reference to a report in the »Mirror«. In total, the now 60-year-old swindled around 180,000 euros in this way. He had repeatedly told his neighbors that his mother, who was 86 years old at the time, had returned to her home country.

The fraud was discovered after the authorities had investigated. The suspicion of the officials was aroused because the woman herself had not used any health insurance services during the corona pandemic. When the woman did not respond even after several phone calls, police officers and firefighters broke into the apartment last Thursday.

During the search, they discovered the badly decomposed body in a sack on a bed – in which the woman had slept with her son during her lifetime. The son was not present during the search, but later turned himself in to the police. An autopsy is now to determine the cause of death. In addition, the investigators are examining how the man was able to succeed in getting his mother's pension paid out for years.