A week lying in the sun in a five-star hotel with all expenses paid... by your boss. Who hasn't dreamed of that? Well, the dream has become a reality for 60 employees of Khairul Aming, a Malaysian entrepreneur who has decided to make this gift to his workers for the good results of his company.

And very well it has to go to the good Aming selling sambal, a type of chili sauce very popular in that area of Asia, since to carry out this 'tribute' to its employees has had to close the company a week. Because, of course, he has also signed up for the holidays.

The workers could not believe the gift that their boss, CEO of the company and influencer, has given them, although it is not the first time that he exudes generosity with the staff of his factory. In October his employees were also invited to a resort and on Labor Day they were taken shopping, all well loaded with gift vouchers.

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Many are those who, seeing the images that Khairul Aming has shared on social networks, have envied the staff of this company, which according to the philanthropist of his boss "is happy".

As if not to be when they have been able to enjoy five free days in Langkawi, a tourist archipelago in northwestern Malaysia. There they have not only laid in the sun, they have also been able to take a trip on a private catamaran with jacuzzi, ride jet skis, visit caves and an aquarium, snorkel or spend several gift vouchers on purchases.

What is clear is that the productivity and morale of the company must be at 1000%. Where can I leave the curriculum?

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