Europe 1 / Photo credits: AFP 19:47 p.m., May 30, 2023

The CEO of the group Les Mousquetaires, Thierry Cotillard, which owns Intermarché, evoked the ongoing negotiations with the distributor Casino, highly indebted, which formalized Friday its entry into a conciliation procedure. In the program "La France bouge", the manager returned to the buyouts of stores.

Inflation has turned the retail sector upside down, and some groups are paying the price. This is the case of the distributor Casino which formalized Friday its entry into a conciliation procedure for a period of four months to renegotiate its large debt. The Musketeers group said it was ready to buy nearly 180 stores from the distributor. In the show La France bouge, its CEO Thierry Cotillard spoke about the progress of the negotiations.

"We obviously want to extend our national network," he first explained on Europe 1. For this, "the deal was to consider sales of points of sale. Everything will not be done at once: it is a first tranche before the end of the year of sixty points of sale that will represent 600 million (euros) of turnover, a second during 2024 and the option for Casino to raise a third session of points of sale up to 500 million, "explains Thierry Cotillard.