Liuzhou, 5 May -- Topic: "Green clothes" machinery becomes the world's "fragrant food" Chinese enterprises are the first to "go to sea"

Written by Liu Juncong Wei Guozheng

"The Middle East is the world's main oil producing area, oil prices are very cheap, and the local area is accustomed to using traditional fuel engineering machinery for work. With the vigorous development of clean energy in the Middle East, new energy construction machinery from China is gradually favored. On May 5, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "LiuGong") foreign salesman Ajima said in Liuzhou City, Guangxi.

On the same day, the 2023 LiuGong Global Customer Festival was held in the city. More than 800 merchants from China, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia and other countries and regions gathered here to visit and experience the "star products" such as new energy excavators and loaders developed by the company.

Different from traditional fuel engineering equipment, these green "clothing" engineering equipment has the characteristics of pure electric drive, strong power, energy saving and high efficiency, and some products can realize intelligent operation, intelligent dispatch and data visualization and other auxiliary operations, and their wonderful performance demonstration triggered applause from the audience.

"Compared with other international construction machinery brands, construction machinery from China is very cost-effective, and the production safety and efficiency are also very good, which is what we value the most." Allie Oosthuizen, a representative of South Africa's ASB Mining Company, said.

The picture shows Ajima (left) introducing electric forklift products to customers. Wei Guozheng Regency

According to Arlie Ostusson, ASB Mining Corporation of South Africa procures a large number of excavators and loaders produced by LiuGong. Today, he also has high expectations for the new energy construction machinery produced by the company. "In recent years, China's new energy technology and construction machinery manufacturing level has improved rapidly, and these products are expected to open a new sales market." He thinks.

In the past, overseas leading enterprises represented by Caterpillar and Komatsu occupied a large share of the global construction machinery sales market. Chinese construction machinery manufacturers, represented by LiuGong, started earlier on the "green track" to expand their overseas sales market share.

"Earlier, many customers would tend to purchase products from famous international brands. Nowadays, LiuGong construction machinery products, which focus on new energy drive, are gradually recognized by overseas merchants. Ajima said he is responsible for LiuGong's sales operations in the Middle East, where he sells nearly 100 new energy electric forklifts a year.

At the third Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition (CICEE) held in May this year, LiuGong chose not to exhibit its fuel equipment, but left the "stage" for more than 5 new energy construction machinery products such as electric loaders, electric excavators and electric wide-body vehicles.

"We focus on the vertical layout of the field of new energy construction machinery and make efforts in the field of electrification and intelligent technology. This year, our self-developed electric loader has been successfully put into the UK and other international high-end markets. Li Dongchun, senior director of LiuGong International Business Group and general manager of International Business Center, said.

With the increasingly stringent requirements for environmental protection in various countries around the world, as well as the improvement of merchants' demand for product value, the road of new energy for Chinese construction machinery manufacturers is rapidly being laid out, which is expected to set off a new wave of international construction machinery sales market.

For example, Sany Heavy Industry has comprehensively promoted the electrification of host products and the development of related core technologies, and in 2022, its sales of electric construction machinery will exceed 27.50 billion yuan (RMB, the same below), and overseas sales will grow rapidly; Zoomlion has also released more than <> new energy construction machinery products, and its world's first pure electric off-road tire crane has attracted the attention of overseas merchants.

Nowadays, global construction machinery products are increasingly showing the trend of electrification and intelligence. Some experts predict that in 2025, the market space of electric loaders will be close to 300 billion yuan, and the market space of electric excavators will be close to 756.<> billion yuan, becoming the "fragrant food" that global construction machinery manufacturers focus on.

At present, international construction machinery manufacturers such as Caterpillar, Komatsu and Volvo have also launched a series of new energy construction machinery products around the world, and China's new energy construction machinery manufacturers will also face greater competitive pressure on the road to "going overseas". (End)