Benxi, May 5 (Zhongxin Finance Zuo Yuqing) At present, the development of China's steel industry is gradually entering a period of deep adjustment. For a long time, low industrial concentration, high dependence on iron ore resources is the pain point of China's steel industry, in the face of the severe industry situation, how should steel companies revitalize productivity and accelerate the transformation of high-quality development?

"The total profit in the first quarter completed the annual budget phased target, and the output of iron concentrate, pig iron, crude steel and steel was higher than the same period last year." In the third year of Anben's restructuring, Angang Group used the first quarter to "open the door" and handed over a state-owned enterprise "answer sheet".

Central and local government coordination to solve the problem of "1+1>1"

In Liaoning, the Anben area, which is rich in iron ore resources, has not only given birth to the "cradle of new China's industry", but also become the "ballast stone" for the safety of China's steel industry. However, as a century-old steel enterprise, Angang and Bengang have always fallen into the dilemma of homogeneous competition.

Entering a new stage of development, deepening supply-side reform and revitalizing the needs of the old industrial base in Northeast China are calling for the steel industry to embrace new changes.

In 2021, Anben directly hit the pain points of the industry and officially listed for reorganization. It achieved smooth docking in 56 days, completed the restructuring process in 180 days, and fully completed 590 integration and integration tasks in one year, delaying the restructuring of Anben for 16 years.

Bengang Mining Nanfen open-pit mine. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

Bengang, which used to be a provincial state-owned enterprise, was once plagued by the "state-owned enterprise disease" such as bloated institutions, redundant staff, and low efficiency, and its asset-liability ratio was as high as 90%. After the reorganization, Bengang played the combination of "1+2+N" systematic reform policies, embarked on the road of "reform + market" development, and reconstructed the "two systems" of market-oriented control and market-oriented operation.

"One son falls, full of work." Yang Wei, secretary of the party committee and chairman of Bengang Group, used these six words to describe the change and rebirth brought by the restructuring of Anben to Bengang.

After the reform of breaking the cauldron and sinking the boat, Ben Steel achieved "overtaking on curves" in 2022 and ran out of "acceleration": the total profit of the whole year was 10.2 billion yuan, and the sales profit margin outperformed the industry; the net profit was 4 million yuan, completing the assessment goal.

For Angang, the "strong combination" has also injected a "booster" into its advantages as a central enterprise and the realization of the "dual core" strategy. After the restructuring of Anben, the annual production capacity of Angang crude steel reached 6300 million tons, ranking second in China and third in the world. The concentration of the national steel industry has reached 42%, forming a new pattern of steel industry with "Baowu in the south and Angang in the north".

In 2022, Angang's sales profit margin will exceed the industry average, outperforming the market for three consecutive years, and its leading role will become increasingly prominent. On the road of steel power, Angang is moving towards a world-class enterprise, giving full play to the scale effect of China's steel and laying the voice of China's steel industry.

Improve management to stimulate the vitality of traditional industries

With the continuous advancement of the three system reforms, it is not only the assets of enterprises that are revitalized, but also the "spiritual qi" of steel people.

"The biggest feeling of our grassroots workers is the word 'change'." According to Guo Peng, a first-level technician in the three hot rolling production areas of the hot rolling plant of this steel plate, a series of optimizations in the reform and reorganization of institutional positions, occupational groups, salaries and other aspects have really changed to the hearts of workers.

In the third cold rolling plant of this steel plate, workers are monitoring the production situation. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

"The company has implemented the mechanism of 'do, calculate, give, and get', and earn more if you do more, at a glance, it is truly fair and just, and the workers applaud."

Breaking the "iron rice bowl" and "cauldron sheet", digging deep into the inner potential, and the competition for all employees to take up posts allows workers to change from "revolving around the team leader" to "revolving around the work", from "watching to work" to "taking the initiative to work", front-line employees have a larger platform for entrepreneurship, and the original power is further activated.

"When I used to get off work, the operator went straight home; Now operators can take the initiative to stay after work and work with technicians to analyze the quality problems that occur on duty, and think of ways and measures. Guo Peng said.

In the "competition" competition, Angang "focuses on the post-85s and post-90s", increases the selection and use of young cadres, and injects young blood into traditional industries. In the cold rolling plant, among the management positions, there are 80 post-11s, accounting for 36.67%; There are 80 post-23s officers at the chief division level, accounting for 45.10%.

"My apprentice became the group's technical champion and competed for a technical management position, so as to better play his strengths." Guo Peng said that the three system reforms have also broken the barriers between operational posts and technical posts. "This year, 51 people from the operation post in my operation area applied for the technical title examination, and the registration rate reached 50%."

"We are all confident in Bengang's tomorrow and confident in our own future." Guo Peng said.

Transformation accelerates towards high-quality development

The continuous release of reform dividends has enabled the restructured Anben to move to a new stage of high-quality development in the process of innovation and change.

In the Nanfen open-pit mine of Bengang Mining, smart mining is becoming a "new topic" for old mines.

"We have promoted projects such as the upgrade of the GPS simplification system, the construction of the GIS system and the automatic drilling of the dental wheel drilling rig. At present, it is developing projects such as unmanned driving of large cars and remote control of hook machines. Li Bin, director of the Nanfen open-pit mine of Bengang Mining, said that in the innovation and efficiency, mine scientific research has shown a new trend of great prosperity.

As the largest monomer iron ore mine in Asia, Nanfen open-pit mine now has reserves of about 10 billion tons, which is an important raw material production base for this steel. In 2022, the mine output indicators, technical and economic indicators, operation indicators, and equipment efficiency will all hit the best in history; In the first quarter of 2023, a total of 2621.8 million tons of mining was completed, with an increase of <>%, breaking through the standard of struggle.

The third cold rolling plant of this steel plate, a cold rolling production line in operation. Photo by Zuo Yuqing

At the third cold rolling mill of this steel plate, the world's most advanced cold rolling line is rumbling and workers monitor production in a centralized control room. According to reports, this production line can provide the widest and highest strength automotive cold-rolled sheet and the highest strength automotive hot-dip galvanized sheet in China.

"In the past, each rack required a worker to operate manually, but now it is all model-controlled," according to Wei Chunxin, director of the Steel Plate Cold Rolling General Plant, in October this year, Yi Leng will also complete the intelligent transformation, and each unit will be concentrated in 10 operating stations and 3 operation stations.

From "quantity is king" to "quality wins", the capacity utilization rate of the star production line of today's cold rolling plant has reached 105-125%, and the trial production of new cold-rolled oxidation oxidation resistant coated hot-pressed steel products has successfully filled the gap in the world, and for the first time in history, it has become a world-class automobile (Mercedes-Benz) production and supplier platform.

"At the beginning of 2023, in the stage of rapid increase in FAW Hongqi's production, Bengang completed the contract production in 15 days, ensuring the material supply of FAW Hongqi." As a long-term partner, Zhao Junyi, director of the supply and procurement department of China FAW Co., Ltd., is also impressed by the new style of Bengang.

"With the development and popularization of new energy vehicles and the promotion of FAW's 'All in' new energy strategy, Bengang and FAW will further cooperate in high-strength steel, new materials, and lightweight thermoforming materials to form a more stable strategic cooperative relationship." He said.

"Anben's restructuring has become a classic case of the three-year action of state-owned enterprise reform, which not only reshapes the industrial structure of China's steel industry, but also involves major reform practices such as the restructuring of local state-owned enterprises by central enterprises, mixed ownership reform, and the revitalization of Northeast China, and explores a new path for the restructuring and reform of China's extra-large state-owned steel enterprises, which is exemplary from any point of view." Yang Wei said. (End)