The domestic large passenger aircraft C919 is about to start the world's first commercial passenger flight!

This morning (28th), China Eastern Airlines used COMAC's world's first delivered C919 large passenger aircraft to fly MU9191 from Shanghai Hongqiao Airport to Beijing Capital Airport. In the future, the majority of passengers can choose to travel on domestic large aircraft.

Today's first commercial passenger flight, more than 130 passengers can experience the C919 in the air.

When flying, a boarding pass is essential. For passengers participating in the first commercial passenger flight, China Eastern Airlines has also made a special design and prepared a special boarding pass with commemorative significance for a sneak peek.

In addition, a total of 20 12-inch hoisting displays are optional in the cabin to support high-definition 1080P movie projection, which is also the first time that China Eastern Airlines single-channel fleet has introduced 1080P program loading. China Eastern Airlines also specially filmed an exclusive aviation safety notice video with the theme of "National colors dye mountains and rivers, beautiful as far as the eye can see". This video is in line with the C919's onboard facilities and features, and cleverly incorporates a series of Chinese cultural elements in a pleasant audio-visual format, which is sure to bring many surprises to passengers.

Perhaps what passengers are most looking forward to is the meal served on board. It is understood that the themed meals voted by passengers will be unveiled on the flight. Among them, this meal in economy class is called "Wufu Linmen", and the staple food is wax claypot rice, accompanied by a three-color fruit platter, C919 maiden special mango pudding, China Eastern Airlines homemade chocolate shortbread and white rabbit milk.

Seeing this, are there many travelers who can't wait to travel with the C919 as soon as possible. Don't worry, according to the plan of China Eastern Airlines, after the first commercial passenger flight on May 28, from May 5, the first C29 large passenger aircraft of China Eastern Airlines will implement normal commercial operation on the Shanghai Hongqiao-Chengdu Tianfu route.

(CCTV reporter Cong Weina, Wang Shantao, Wei Ran, Li Xiaohu, Daniel Zhang)