(Economic Watch) Do a good job of "three articles" to help A-share listed companies become "excellent students"

Beijing, 5 May (ZXS) -- Topic: Do a good job in "three articles" to help A-share listed companies become "excellent students"

China News Agency reporter Liu Liang

High-quality development has become the main theme of China's economic development, how to help A-share listed companies become "excellent students" and "cheer" for high-quality economic development? At the annual meeting (council) of the China Association of Listed Companies and the 2023 China Listed Companies Summit held in Beijing a few days ago, participants believed that it is necessary to do a good job in "three articles".

Do a good job of "regulating supervision" articles

The quality of A-share listed companies reflects the quality of China's economy. Doing a good job in the "standardized supervision" of listed companies will help brighten the economy.

At present, there are more than 5000,<> A-share listed companies, and although their number accounts for less than one-tenth of the number of enterprises in the country, they are increasingly playing a "ballast stone" role in scientific and technological innovation, employment absorption and economic stability. How to further release its economic vitality, there is still much room for writing in regulatory work.

Wang Jianjun, vice chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, stressed that it is necessary to build a system of laws and regulations that are effective and give full play to the role of relevant systems. It is necessary to focus on issues, standardize corporate governance and improve the quality of information disclosure. It is necessary to cultivate the market ecology of survival of the fittest, grasp the incremental optimization and stock improvement, strictly control the market entrance, but also strictly supervise delisting, and continue to smooth diversified exit channels.

Financial fraud is a major problem in the capital market, which not only seriously undermines the foundation of market integrity, but also affects the overall image of listed companies. In response to this phenomenon, Wang Jianjun stressed that the next step is to combine punishment and prevention to crack down on financial fraud. In response to key problems such as serious fraud and capital appropriation, special governance will also be carried out to strengthen the supervision of the whole process of discovery, inspection, and disposal of leads.

Do a good job of "subject responsibility" articles

To improve the quality of listed companies, listed companies have an unshirkable responsibility.

"To improve the quality of listed companies, listed companies themselves are internal factors, responsible subjects, and ultimate beneficiaries." In Wang Jianjun's view, listed companies should take the initiative to shoulder the responsibility of self-regulation, self-improvement and self-improvement, do not fake, do not breach trust, and seek innovation while strengthening the main business. More importantly, it is necessary to maintain the original intention of "listing", strive to create value, and let investors truly share the dividends brought by the development and growth of the enterprise.

Song Zhiping, president of the China Association of Listed Companies, said that it is necessary to continuously improve the normative awareness and ability to perform duties of the "key minority" of directors, supervisors and senior executives of listed companies. As the "home of listed companies", the association will take multiple measures to strengthen the main responsibility of listed companies in the future, including timely publicizing regulatory requirements to listed companies, doing a good job in publicizing and interpreting major laws, regulations and policies, transmitting regulatory information, and promoting the improvement of the standard operation level of listed companies and related entities.

Among the A-share listed companies, private enterprises account for "half of the country", accounting for more than two-thirds of the total. To promote the high-quality development of listed companies, to a large extent, it also puts forward higher requirements for private enterprises. In view of how to promote the high-quality development of private listed companies, An Lijia, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce, stressed that enterprises should carry forward the entrepreneurial spirit and play an exemplary role in fulfilling their social responsibilities. At the same time, it is necessary to improve the risk prevention and control mechanism, promote the modernization of the corporate governance structure, and further increase the protection of investors' rights and interests.

Do a good job of "responding to the new situation" article

At present, China's economy is facing a new situation at home and abroad, and the pressure and challenge of continuously improving the quality of listed companies are not small.

Wang Jianjun pointed out that internationally, the world is in a new period of turbulence and change, the geopolitical pattern is full of variables, the anti-globalization trend is rampant, the risk events of US and European banks are frequent, and the volatility of the global financial market has increased. Domestically, China's economic recovery is good, but the problems of insufficient demand and unstable expectations are still prominent, and there are still many risks in some areas.

"In this context, some listed companies are facing new challenges in innovation, development and transformation and upgrading, increasing operating pressure, and some violations of laws and regulations are prone to 'relapse', which will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of improving the quality of listed companies." Wang Jianjun said.

Under the new situation, Wang Jianjun stressed that the basic trend of China's economic stability and long-term improvement has not changed, which is the foundation for the high-quality development of listed companies. He further said that with the steady transformation of China's epidemic prevention and control, the economy and society have fully resumed normal operation, and fiscal, monetary, industrial, scientific and technological policies have focused on stable growth, and these favorable conditions will create a good capital market environment for the high-quality development of listed companies. (End)