Intensive care unit of a hospital: Permanent refinancing required by the legislator


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After long negotiations, there is a collective agreement for the approximately 60,000 doctors of municipal clinics: They will receive 8.8 percent more salary and a tax-free and duty-free inflation compensation payment of 2500 euros. The Marburger Bund doctors' union and the Association of Municipal Employers' Associations (VKA) have agreed on this in the fifth round of negotiations, as both organizations announced on Tuesday evening.

Initially, there will be a 4.8 percent increase in wages from this July and a further 1.2024 percent from April 4, 0. The inflation payment will also be made in two tranches: first 1250 euros this July/August, then again next January. The term of the agreement is 18 months.

The Marburger Bund was proud of the salary increase this year: "Employers have resisted this for a long time and wanted to postpone a linear increase until next year. On the plus side, we also have the comparatively short term until June 30, 2024, which puts us in a position to negotiate key provisions of the collective agreement again after that," explained negotiator Christian Twardy.

The VKA also emphasized that the payment will be "much more attractive". The flip side is that the collective bargaining agreement will cost hospitals around 672 million euros – and this in times of an extremely tense financial situation at municipal hospitals," said negotiator Wolfgang Heyl. The permanent full refinancing of the high increases in personnel costs in 2024 by the legislator is therefore essential!«

In recent weeks, thousands of doctors at municipal hospitals have increased the pressure to reach an agreement with work stoppages and demonstrations. In order to ensure medical care, agreements for emergency services were made with the hospitals.