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Bertram Rickmers in 2016


Daniel Reinhardt / dpa

He was 71 years old: The Hamburg shipowner Bertram Rickmers is dead. "Mr. Rickmers died completely unexpectedly on Monday night at home," according to dpa information in a message from the management of the Asian Spirit Steamship Company to the workforce. Rickmers was head of the shipping company.

Initially, the »Bild« newspaper had reported on Rickmers' death. According to the report, Rickmers had fallen down a flight of stairs in the family villa – on his wife's birthday. There was talk of a tragic accident from business circles.

"At this time, our thoughts are above all with Bertram Rickmers' wife Franziska, his three children and five grandchildren, to whom our deepest sympathy goes out," the message to the workforce continues.

Rickmers came from a Hamburg shipping dynasty. Rickmers Holding AG, which he manages, filed for insolvency in 2017 after HSH Nordbank, one of the major creditors, rejected an out-of-court restructuring plan. However, the shipping company was not wound up, but was able to continue with a new owner.