In traditional Chinese culture, the word "peace" represents blessing, a place of peace of mind, and a good wish, which is every Chinese's yearning for a better life and the most simple pursuit of every family.

Ping An, a national enterprise that has engraved the word "Ping'an" into its DNA from the beginning of its founding, also launched a thanksgiving activity called "Professionalism, Let Every Family Have Safety" for customers, the public and employees on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.

It is said that the word "peace" is easy to write and difficult to do, and the promise of "let every family have peace" is the service tenet that Ping An has been practicing since its founding in 1988. After 35 years of ups and downs and unchanging intentions at the beginning of 35 years, Ping An has used the actions of "professionalism first" and "customer first" to draw a sustainable path for the high-quality development of an enterprise.

Original intention: everyone has security, and family peace is available

Turn back to the first page of Ping An's entrepreneurship, and you will see the word "original intention". Ma Mingzhe, the head of Ping An, always uses a passage from Mr. Hu Shi to interpret: "Insurance is just preparing for tomorrow today, preparing for death when you are born, preparing your children when you are young, preparing your children when you are young, and that's it." Preparing today for tomorrow is truly robust; When you are alive and ready to die, this is true expansiveness; Parents prepare their children, this is true love; If you can't do these three steps, you can't be considered a modern person. "To put it simply, the original intention of peace is that everyone has security, and every family has peace, so that every citizen and family can face difficulties and disasters with dignity.

Adhering to this original intention, the pioneers of Ping An began to falter to a start, and under the guidance of the Shekou spirit of "first, first try, first explore", they opened China's first joint-stock insurance enterprise, which broke the situation of exclusive market monopoly at that time and promoted the establishment of the market mechanism of China's insurance industry. Not only that, at that time, Ping An did not stick to copying the template of its predecessors, and practiced a development path of "can't take away, can't pry, can't buy" in terms of capital, talent and management: it introduced Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs, two top international investment banks, to inject capital, becoming the first financial institution in China to take the lead in introducing foreign capital; Hire overseas international talents and "external brain" McKinsey to achieve rapid integration with international advanced financial institutions; He visited the local insurance market in Taiwan, China, and formulated the strategic layout of "life insurance is king" one step ahead, creating a precedent for personal life insurance business in China.

Over the past 35 years, when customers sign an insurance policy named "Ping An", the word "Ping An" represents not only a contract, but a piece of integrity, and Ping An's guarantee for people to protect their families. Whether it is putting forward the oath of "2022-year-old store, integrity-based" after experiencing the "investment-related crisis" in the early stage of its development, or "finding reasons for customers to settle claims" to help customers maximize insurance benefits, Ping An has always adhered to the principle of "integrity first" in meeting customer protection. According to its latest "2022 Insurance Claims Report", in 4, the total number of claims paid by Ping An's four insurance companies exceeded 2 million, with an average of more than 60,410 claims per day; Among them, Ping An Life paid 1.9 million compensations, Ping An Property Insurance paid 1599 million compensations, Ping An Pension Insurance paid 245.2800 million compensations, and Ping An Health Insurance paid 7.7 million compensations. The total amount of compensation exceeded <> billion yuan, which is equivalent to <> million yuan per day.

Mission: The pursuit of "first-class quality" to create value for customers

Professionalism creates value, which is the tireless and never-ending pursuit of Ping An people. One of Ping An's four values is to create value for customers, that is, to provide customers with professional products and services, so that customers can "save worry, time, and money".

Looking back at history, this original intention to meet the financial needs of different customers was conceived as early as 2003. That year, the CIRC approved Ping An's separate business reform plan, and Ping An formally formed a financial group structure focusing on insurance, securities, trust, investment and overseas business, becoming a pioneer in the integrated operation of China's financial industry. Two years later, Ping An Bank went into business. At this time, Ping An's business has covered life insurance, property insurance, pension insurance, health insurance, asset management, trust, banking, securities, funds, etc., becoming the first batch of comprehensive financial groups with full licenses. As a result, we saw a single property insurance company, in order to provide customers with professional and rich financial products, step by step developed into today's diversified, one-stop integrated financial group.

It is under the umbrella of comprehensive finance that Ping An Insurance business has innovated, and the new bancassurance that has been hotly discussed in the market in the past two years is one of the results. With customer-centric, New Bancassurance has in-depth cooperation with Ping An Life to provide customers in the bancassurance channel with agile customization of market-forward-looking and competitive product shelves, covering simple/universal insurance, education annuity, pension annuity and whole life insurance. At the same time, with the help of Ping An Group's ecological advantages, New Bancassurance continues to build a customer rights system called "Ping An New Bancassurance Happy Home", and enhances customer satisfaction and happiness through a number of warm rights and customized activities.

Ma Mingzhe always said, "We have no choice, our only choice is to adapt to the needs of customers and adapt to the changes in the market." "In order to meet the increasingly personalized needs of customers, Ping An promotes innovation from top to bottom from strategy, service and management, especially the successful technological transformation that still empowers frontline businesses to improve the quality, efficiency and cost reduction of integrated financial services, and better serve the real economy and individual customers." Data shows that as of the end of March 2023, Ping An Technology had 3,47 patent applications, ranking firmly in the forefront of international financial institutions.

Zhiyuan: Continuously improve customer service so that every family has safety

Ping An's focus on customer needs is continuous and lifelong. As a comprehensive financial service and medical and health service provider, Ping An knows that "one hammer sale" is not desirable, only by paying close attention to professional capacity building in both products and services, creating a professional moat, focusing on serving customer needs and serving the real economy, carrying forward the spirit of craftsmanship, ensuring quality and reputation, can we better serve customers and realize the original beautiful vision of "let every family have peace".

As China gradually enters an aging society, Ping An is keenly aware of the urgent needs of customers for medical and elderly care, and draws on years of experience in the operation and management of insurance and medical industries, and actively promotes the deepening of the "medical and health ecosystem strategy", so that customers can "care for the elderly and have medical treatment for the sick". On the one hand, actively expand the digital application of medical and health to protect the health of the public, taking Ping An's rapid launch of 2022×7-hour free online medical and health consultation at the end of 24 as an example, the service has been launched on 15 local government platforms across the country to ensure the supply of medical supplies and drugs, and the number of consultations in a single day once exceeded 300 million; On the other hand, Ping An has built an online and offline "online, in-store, and home-to-home" service network, with nearly 4,000 self-owned doctors and more than 4,5 external contracted doctors, covering more than 2022,5 corporate customers in 5. Data shows that as of December 2022, 12, of Ping An's more than 31 million Internet users, more than 6% of users used the services provided by the medical and health ecosystem at the same time, and nearly 93% of Ping An's nearly 65 million individual customers also used the services provided by the medical and health ecosystem.

At this Siqing Feedback Event, Ping An Life and Ping An Health jointly provided customers with six service tasting and feedback services, including health assessment, online consultation, and health testing; Ping An Bank also provides our customers with high-value feedback services including famous doctor outpatient appointments, health examinations, and high-end escorts.

With the heart of "the great of the country", develop into the country and the people. As one of China's leading national financial enterprises, Ping An has spent 35 years handing over a "standard answer" for customer service, which is the comprehensive promotion of Ping An's strategy, talents and culture, and is the inevitable result of Ping An's practice of professional practice and value practice.

In 2022, Ma Mingzhe, chairman of Ping An, proposed "people's finance, finance for the people", in his view, a national enterprise with ideals and ambitions, should actively respond to the call of serving the society and serving the times, on the one hand, with rich financial products and professional customer service, people's yearning for a better life will be deepened and realized, and the vision of "let every family have peace" enter thousands of households; On the other hand, giving full play to the advantages of comprehensive finance, enhancing the quality and efficiency of serving the real economy, continuing to promote poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and practicing the development of green finance are also the responsibilities and responsibilities of Ping An's integration into the cause of national rejuvenation.