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Elon Musk has confirmed this Friday on Twitter that the until now responsible for Global Advertising and Alliances of NBC Universal, Linda Yaccarino, will be the new CEO of the social network within six weeks, which has provoked the anger of his followers.

The trajectory of the directive has not liked among a good part of the tycoon's diehards for his participation in several committees of the World Economic Forum, the entity that organizes the Davos Economic Forum, at the center of several conspiracy theories disseminated in the social network.

Thus, Musk's publication announcing the arrival of Yaccarino has been filled with furious responses from Twitter Blue users accusing the founder of Space X of "catching the woke virus".


The new CEO will focus on Twitter's day-to-day business and operations, while Musk, who will become executive chairman and chief technology officer, will focus on aspects of product design and new technology.

The directive will arrive at the company just seven months after Musk acquired it and took charge of it. After chaotic initial stages marked by the dismissal of 80% of the workforce, the appointment of Yaccarino seems the beginning of an attempt to regain the confidence of advertisers.

This indicates that, despite the Tesla co-founder's commitment to subscription models and opening the social network to other sources of income, advertising remains and will continue to be a key source of income for the bluebird social network.

The company is estimated to have lost 40% of its advertising revenue since Musk has taken the helm of the company.

Last Thursday, Musk announced on the social network that he had already hired a new CEO to take charge of the company and, not even 24 hours later, he has revealed his name, after transcending in the press.


In addition to his work at NBC Universal, Yaccarino also collaborated with the Trump Administration by chairing the President's Council for Sport and Nutrition between 2018 and 2021, indicating that he shares political sympathies with the founder of SpaceX. In addition, he chaired for the last two years the Ad Council, an organization that brings together the main advertising managers.

The directive is known for pushing ways to more robustly measure the effectiveness of ads, something that connects with Musk's campaign against bots on Twitter during the company's purchase.

Three weeks ago, he participated in a conversation with Musk at a professional event and praised the executive's work ethic, which he compared to his own. "I have found my partner," said at the beginning of the interview the new candidate to lead Twitter.

During the event, both toured the changes Musk has introduced to the platform and the measures taken to control speech on Twitter.

Yaccarino highlighted the transparency and openness of the social network's code compared to other networks, and considered an "incredible advance" in the democratization of the platform the function of 'notes', which allows the community to show that a message is misleading.

The effect of his candidacy has not been long in coming and the directive has gone from just over 1,000 followers to almost 100,000 in the social network, in which he is not particularly active.

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