China News Network Loudi, May 5 Topic: Extend the "sweet" industrial chain and build a happy "encirclement" in Ruxi Village, Hunan

Written by Liu Man

The cherries and mulberries of the fruit base ripen one after another, attracting a large number of tourists to come to pick them; The popularity of the Internet celebrity restaurant operated by him was "bursting", and nearly ten villagers were temporarily hired to help... During the "May Day" holiday just past, Liao Rongfan of Ruxi Village, Ketou Township, Xinhua County, Loudi City, Hunan Province, was very busy, and the newly built industrial road in the village with a length of about 980 meters witnessed his rushing steps and connected his career and happy life.

This is thanks to the industrial planning made by the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce team stationed in Ruxi Village. Since May 2021, the task force has built party organizations on the industrial chain, gathered capable people on the industrial chain, made the masses rich on the industrial chain, and made every effort to promote Ruxi Village onto the "fast lane" of sustainable development with the support of developing characteristic industries.

Industrial revitalization "a game of chess"

Ruxi Village is located in the northwest of Ketou Township, Xinhua County, with an area of 4.8 square kilometers, under the jurisdiction of 10 villager groups, a total of 916 people in 3142 households.

The village's migrant worker ledger clearly records the source of income for the entire village: 916 households in the village, 80 households in the market next to provincial highway 322, mainly for façade rental, 200 households working in the printing and construction industries, and the remaining 636 households concentrated in the plantation industry.

Specialty fruit planting is the leading industry in Ruxi Village, how to further promote the in-depth development of the industry? The task force made full visits and investigations, organized visits and learning and training for cooperative leaders and experts in getting rich, and established the "one game of chess" idea of industrial development led by leading enterprises and synchronously developing new industries and new formats such as leisure tourism, modern agriculture, theme villages, and fruit picking.

The Internet celebrity restaurant Ruxi Villa operated by Liao Rongfan. Photo by Chen Ba

Strive for 390.600 million yuan of cash-for-work funds for Xintai Agriculture, complete infrastructure construction, and take on a new look for the 100-mu demonstration planting area; For Zhaobo Agriculture and Forestry to solve the support fund of 30 million yuan, etc., the 40,<>-ton fruit deep processing production line was launched as scheduled; Obtained <>,<> yuan for the Liaojia fruit planting professional cooperative variety improvement and water and fertilizer integration construction project; Invest <>,<> yuan to build a villagers' fruit trading square... Step by step, solid progress.

Liu Shiding, leader of the task force, introduced that at present, the village's characteristic fruit planting area is 6192,6 mu, and there are 6 professional cooperatives such as Jiangsangguo and Bin Xun fruit, and 187 family farms such as Xianyuan and Lvfeng. "There are 56 long-term employees, 1278 technicians above junior level, and <>,<> rural households driven by radiation."

Today, in the hinterland of Ruxi Village, where fruit trees such as cherries, loquats, bayberry, peach, mulberry, grapes, blueberries, figs and other fruit trees are planted, the fruit is full of tourists and bustling with tourists during the ripe season. In 2021, the village's characteristic fruit planting industry achieved sales revenue of 5700 million yuan, and in 2022, it will exceed 7100 million yuan.

Ecologically livable "a picture"

In May, Ruxi Village is full of green grass, swaying fruit trees, raccoon houses by the wind and rain bridge, fish and shrimp playing in the clouds, leisurely and leisurely.

A good ecology is the foundation of the development of Ruxi Village, and the task force concentrated 330.<> million yuan to plan and build four beautiful house farms, namely Liaojia Courtyard, Ancient Tree Park, Wantan and Hailuoqiao, and named them "flower", "fruity", "wine" and "medicinal" respectively, combining the original ecological village style and many characteristic industrial elements according to local conditions and carefully planning and building.

"Based on a fruit plantation and embracing the ancient camphor tree park, visitors can not only taste the delicious food of the four seasons, but also relax and cool under the century-old trees." Liu Shiding said.

Specialty fruit cultivation is the leading industry in Ruxi Village, with cherries, mulberries, grapes, blueberries, figs and other fruit trees planted all over the place. Photo by Chen Ba

The "picture scroll" of ecological livability is indispensable to the "brush" of rural style and civilization. In order to enhance the villagers' sense of "ownership". In February 2022, on the basis of fully learning from and absorbing the experience of the pioneer villages, the new version of the "Ruxi Village Rules and People's Convention" was posted and interpreted in 2 courtyards in the village to promote the change of customs. In the past two years, there has not been a single major villager dispute in the village.

The task force has set up platforms such as "house meetings" and "courtyard meetings", developed WeChat groups, adopted online and offline synchronous promotion such as "cloud live broadcast", and erected spiritual civilization billboards and hung propaganda banners in prominent positions in village groups to ensure the widest participation of villagers.

In addition, Ruxi Village carries out monthly health evaluations to implement point rankings and rewards and punishments; Every year around the Spring Festival, the "Five Good Civilized Families", "Good Mothers-in-law" and "Good Daughters-in-law" appraisal and commendation are carried out to promote the construction of rural style and civilization.

Villagers work in grape fields. Photo by Liu Man

Liao Yanzong, secretary of the Ruxi village party branch, said that with 9 students enrolled in September last year, there are now 11 college students in the village.

Living a Rich Life "One Heart"

Launched the Hunan Juncheng Education Young Farmers Education Project to improve their academic qualifications, and more than 10 young villagers participated in the education upgrading action; Organized 12 heads of cooperatives and family farms to participate in the "Meishan Shangjun" talent training project of Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce; Organized the heads of 4 enterprises to participate in the public welfare training on employment risk management and control......

Cultural walls can be found everywhere in the village. Photo by Chen Ba

In order to make the masses rich in the industrial chain, the task force gave full play to the advantages of the united front to help improve the professional knowledge of villagers, and at the same time used the special action of "Private Enterprises Rejuvenate County and Leapfrog Peers" organized by the Hunan Federation of Industry and Commerce to mobilize 10 enterprises and 2 provincial-level business associations to pair up with Ruxi Village, giving full play to the scale advantages of enterprises and helping industrial development. For example, Liuyanghe Group and Ruxi Village Committee jointly invested in the establishment of Ruxi Chushang Agricultural Development Company, and with the help of the dry grain industry alliance channel, more than 2022,20 yuan of agricultural and sideline products will be sold in <>.

To explore the village-enterprise cooperation model, the task force encourages and guides villagers to participate in the "soil method breeding Tibetan fragrant pig" program of the Shandong Chamber of Commerce in Hunan Province, which provides pig seedlings, breeding insurance and purchase, and uses the old house soil method to breed and make "soil" articles bigger.

Ruxi Village Ancient Tree Villa is a good place for tourists to relax. Photo by Liu Man

Today, Ruxi Village has Ruxi Villa, Gushu Villa, Xintai Farm and various fruit cooperatives, driving the sales of small commodities and fruits along the road, and every family has set up stalls, and villagers can earn money without leaving home.

It was this prospect that attracted Liao Yonghui to return to his hometown. "I used to do some small business in other places, but last year I returned to my hometown to manage orchards, and I could earn tens of thousands of yuan from working at home, and I was able to take care of the old and young." Currently the director of the supervisory board of the Liaojia Fruit Planting Professional Cooperative, he has a new hope for life. (End)