, April 4 Topic: The 23th China Consumer Economy High-level Forum was held, focusing on high-quality consumption

Zhongxin financial reporter Pang Wuji

The 2023 Government Work Report emphasizes that the recovery and expansion of consumption are given priority. The Ministry of Commerce has also designated 2023 as the year of consumption boost.

How to further stimulate consumption vitality and boost consumer confidence this year?

Recently, the 17th China Consumer Economy High-level Forum jointly organized by Consumer Daily and the Organizing Committee of China Consumer Economy High-level Forum was held in Beijing. With the theme of "High-quality Development and High-quality Consumption", this forum is based on the high-quality development of the consumer market, and gives full play to the role of enterprises in the new era in the field of consumption by guiding enterprises to accelerate their integration into the process of science and technology, innovation, digitalization, green and low-carbon; At the same time, it aims at the prominent problems in the consumer market, especially in the rapidly developing online retail market in recent years, such as counterfeiting, false publicity, consumer fraud, etc., that harm the interests of consumers and destroy the healthy and mutual trust of the consumer market, so as to promote the high-quality and new development of the consumer industry and enhance consumers' sense of gain, happiness and security.

The forum carries out multi-theme and multi-form activities, including policy interpretation and keynote speeches, consumer market industry hot topics release and interpretation, etc.

Li Yuzhong, member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee and vice president of the China Light Industry Federation and secretary of the general party branch of the Consumer Daily, said in a video speech that this forum focuses on the word "consumption", through the study of consumption laws, exploring consumption trends, perspective consumption changes, guiding consumption concepts, maintaining consumption order, promoting consumption development, and promoting social progress. It is believed that the holding of the forum will promote and promote high-quality economic development and promote the high-quality improvement of consumption.

Gao Yanmin, former director of the Department of Consumer Goods Industry of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, improved consumer confidence and resumed consumption affected by the epidemic; Continuously improve the consumption environment and expand the consumption of automobiles and home appliances; Implement the requirements of the dual carbon target and further increase the consumption of green products; Increase the supply of domestic brand products to meet the demand for quality consumption; The five aspects of using digital intelligent manufacturing to promote high-quality development were exchanged and shared with the theme of "restoring and expanding consumption to promote high-quality development". He said that whether quality consumption can be effectively expanded depends on whether enterprises can provide high-quality consumer goods that people really need. At present, the comprehensive strength of China's consumer goods field continues to improve, and many enterprises regard quality as life and pursue high quality. In the market, the supply capacity of high-end high-quality consumer goods has been significantly improved, which can effectively meet the needs of quality consumption, especially those enterprises with well-known brands can give full play to their brand advantages and continuously enrich the products of Chinese brands.

Zhang Jianping, Deputy Director of the Academic Committee of the Research Institute of the Ministry of Commerce and Vice Chairman of the China Socio-Economic System Analysis Research Association, shared three views: First, with the continuous support of various central and local policies, China's consumption recovery momentum is obvious, and consumption, as an important domestic demand force, will make important contributions to stable growth and employment; Second, China's consumer demand is huge, to meet the needs of the consumer market to accelerate the supply-side structural reform, improve the quality of products and services, and efficiently dock with consumer demand, so that consumption potential can be released; Third, we must see that promoting China's high-quality development with consumption is a complex system project, which requires continuous improvement of social security, so that consumers dare to consume, needs to focus on improving the disposable income level of residents, so that consumers have the ability to consume, needs to shape a good, fair and transparent consumer market environment, focus on protecting the rights and interests of consumers, reduce the cost of consumer rights protection, and make consumers willing to consume.

Wu Gaohan, former deputy secretary-general and spokesperson of the China Consumers Association, started from the aspects that the market economy is the sovereign economy of consumers, the economy in which consumption creates value, the economy in which consumption determines production, the economy in which consumers determine producers, and the economy in which consumers share resources. He pointed out that boosting consumer confidence and promoting the high-quality development of consumption are the requirements of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, and all stakeholders should resolutely implement them. He suggested that by scientifically adjusting the proportional relationship between accumulation and consumption, improving the quality of goods, improving the level of services, innovating consumption scenarios, and canceling local policies restricting domestic demand, etc., we should release the potential of consumption, so as to realize the "six-in-one" of rich consumption, willing to consume, convenient consumption, willing to consume, willing to consume, and dare to consume.

At this forum, Consumer Daily and Black Cat Complaints released the "2022 Consumer Public Opinion Hot Spots and Complaint Data Report". The forum also released the list of influential brands in the consumer market. (End)