Recently, "China Antu's First Changbaishan Off-road Cultural Tourism Festival and 2023 China Off-road Ecological Development Conference" was held in Antu County, Yanbian Prefecture, this conference was guided by the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, hosted by the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and the People's Government of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture, co-organized by China Automotive Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd.,, Baihe Forestry Branch of Changbaishan Forest Industry Group, Yanbian Prefecture Cultural Tourism Bureau, Yanbian Prefecture Sports Bureau, Yanbian Prefecture Antu County People's Government, China Association of Automobile Manufacturers Off-road Vehicle Branch, Organized by Off-road Power Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.

With the theme of "New Ecology and New Development", the conference brought together representatives of FAW Group, FAW Jiefang, Beijing Off-road, Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle, Great Wall Motor, SAIC Maxus, Zhengzhou Nissan, Chery Commercial Vehicle, Changan Kaicheng and other representative enterprises, industry experts, industry media, local governments and other circles, and from the perspective of promoting the development of the automotive industry and stimulating the vitality of the off-road vehicle market, the development trend of off-road vehicle industry, the trend of off-road vehicle electrification and intelligence, and the development of automobile cultural tourism were discussed. Improve the overall competitiveness and sustainable development of the off-road vehicle industry.

Mr. Zhang Wei of the Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, Mr. Fu Bingfeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, Mr. Zhang Tongshan of the Economic Consulting Center of the State Information Center, and Dr. Gao Chihai of China Tourism Academy attended the meeting as guests. Comrade Yin Zhaohui, Vice Governor of Yanbian Prefecture People's Government, Comrade Cui Donghui, Deputy Secretary-General of Yanbian Prefecture People's Government, Comrade Wang Jibao, Secretary of the Antu County CPC Committee, Comrade Zheng Zhe, County Magistrate of Antu County People's Government, and other relevant personnel of the territorial government attended the meeting.

Taking off-road ecology as the starting point, CAAM signed a strategic agreement with Yanbian Prefecture

With the further improvement of consumers' demand for automotive products, off-road vehicle products are favored by users with their powerful performance and rich modification, and the off-road market has shown a good development trend. At the 2023 Shanghai International Auto Show, "off-road" became the biggest highlight, and the number of hardcore off-road vehicles released reached a new high. The signing of the strategic cooperation agreement between the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers and Yanbian Prefecture is a practical action to grasp the new trend of automobile consumption, explore new consumption scenarios, and break the boundaries of the automotive industry. In the future, the two sides will further deepen cooperation, empower and develop each other, and root the characteristics of "off-road" in Yanbian, so that more people like off-road and more people like Changbaishan.

Fu Bingfeng, Executive Vice President and Secretary-General of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, delivered a speech

Comrade Yin Zhaohui, Vice Governor of Yanbian Prefecture People's Government, delivered a speech

The China Association of Automobile Manufacturers signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the People's Government of Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture

Focusing on the new trend of the off-road industry, automobile cultural tourism has become a new consumption growth point

With the development of the market, the connotation of "off-road vehicle" has changed, at least it has evolved into three subdivisions of "pure off-road", "all-road conditions" and "pan-off-road", and the development of off-road vehicles has entered a new stage. From the continuous rise in sales of pan-off-road SUV products, it can be seen that the strong off-road demand of users is favoring off-road products with high chassis, strong adaptability and strong scalability. The change in the characteristics of off-road vehicles has allowed it to move from niche to mainstream and to the mass consumer market. With the development of electrification and intelligence, off-road models have also changed from emphasizing hardcore off-road ability to extreme performance, comprehensive technology, diversified experience, and luxurious driving.

With the development of automobile products and the diversification of user use scenarios, cars are no longer just a means of transportation, but increasingly become the carrier of consumers' "personality attitude" and "lifestyle". Driven by "meeting user needs" and "improving automobile consumption", the development value of off-road industry is highlighted, off-road + cultural tourism provides fresh power for the development of off-road industry, diversified off-road application scenarios, and expands the new consumer market of automobile off-road travel.

Mr. Zhang Wei, Investment Promotion Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, delivered a speech

Zhang Tongshan, Deputy Director of the Data Center of the State Information Center, delivered the "Development Trend and Opportunities of Off-Road Vehicle Market"

Professor Zhao Yuzhuang from the School of Vehicles and Mechanics, Beijing Institute of Technology, published "New Technology Development Trend of Off-Road Vehicle Industry"

Dr. Gao Chihai of China Tourism Research Institute published "Important Directions for New Consumption of Auto Tourism"

Huang Chaozhi of the Vehicle Evaluation and Research Laboratory of CAERI introduced the group standard of "Vehicle Off-road Ability Analysis and Evaluation System"

To promote user experience of use scenarios, the "Off-Road China" Changbaishan Cultural Tourism Project was launched

Under the favorable development prospects of the off-road market, with the blessing of electrified intelligent products, diversified market opportunities have been born. Off-road has a strong driving effect on the establishment of automobile brands and the guidance of automobile consumption. The off-road vehicle branch of China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, starting from promoting the development of off-road ecology, taking user experience as the core, actively promoting the landing of off-road industry standards, focusing on the scene-based satisfaction of off-road ecology, planning and implementing the national series of activities of "Off-road China", consisting of four parts: industry forum, vehicle testing, off-road activities and industry exhibitions, of which the vehicle testing part will be carried out in conjunction with CAIC in accordance with the "Vehicle Off-road Ability Standards and Evaluation System". At this conference, combined with the advantageous natural resources of Antu County, Yanbian Prefecture, three routes were launched: "Changbai Secret Land Crossing", "Five Tigers and Eighteen Turns in Shimen Town" and "The Most Beautiful Border Crossing", which not only fully meet the off-road needs of consumers, but also drive the rise of automobile + economy in experience scenarios such as "car + tourism", "car + music", "car + camping" and so on. Open up multiple links such as automobile manufacturer ecology, cultural community ecology, life experience consumption, off-road cultural socialization, and regional tourism ecology to form a sustainable development of off-road consumption chain.

Zhang Jian, chairman of the off-road vehicle branch, introduced off-road China

At the end of the conference, based on the off-road market, technology and ecological development, the roundtable forum "New ecology and new thinking for off-road industry development" was carried out, the forum was chaired by Wang Yuan, Secretary-General of Off-road Vehicle Branch, Zhang Li, editor-in-chief of Easy Car, Mou Aiming, deputy general manager of Changan Kaicheng, general manager of marketing center, Yi Yong, chief expert of the test department of FAW Research Institute, Chen Ji, deputy general manager of Dongfeng Off-road Vehicle Co., Ltd., and Liu Xin, head of Shanghai Styling Center of JITU Motor, participated in the roundtable dialogue. Discuss the relationship between user needs and product development, and how to provide users with an experience that exceeds the value of the product. When "car-as-a-service" has become a trend, brand added value and value-added experience have become the core of consumers' main concerns. Car companies need to deepen user needs, launch more reasonable functional settings, and build a new consumption ecology for users around user experience. Rich use scenarios and increased demand for off-road vehicles can jointly promote the development of the off-road industry.

Under the guidance of the market, with the continuous update and iteration of new energy and intelligent technology, user-centric, with the help of off-road scenarios, and the establishment of long-term links with users, automobile companies have the strength to bring more high-quality products that meet personalized needs to users. As an industry organization, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers will follow the trend, shoulder the responsibility of promoting the development of the industry, continue to play a leading role, create high-quality experience scenarios for users from the perspective of industrial innovation and consumption iteration, focus on automobile culture, user consumption upgrading, further explore the new connotation of automobile culture, penetrate the industrial chain, build an ecosystem, and inject new vitality into the development of China's off-road vehicle industry. (End)