According to the official website of the China Consumers Association, the "May Day" holiday is approaching and will usher in a new wave of consumption. The China Consumers Association reminds consumers to uphold the principle of safety first when traveling and shopping during the holidays, practice the concept of green consumption, and safeguard their rights.

Raise awareness and put safety first

At the turn of spring and summer, the scenery is pleasant, and many consumers choose to go out, shopping, dining and other activities. The China Consumer Association reminds that when going out, consumers should pay attention to improving their awareness of safety protection, eliminating all kinds of risks and hidden dangers, and ensuring a safe return.

First, pay attention to traffic safety. Self-driving tours check the condition of the car in advance, abide by the law, and do not go to unopened attractions, no-man's land and destinations with potential safety hazards; When charging electric vehicles, choose a charging pile that meets national safety standards, ensure that the charging gun head and the vehicle charging port are clean and dry, pay attention not to let rainwater flow into the charging port and stay away from flammable and explosive materials, and make charging arrangements in advance to avoid falling into the dilemma of road congestion and charging difficulties.

Second, pay attention to food safety. Choose catering service units with complete "Business License" and "Food Business License" outside, purchase food with complete packaging and label information, and store and eat it according to the instructions; Do not eat "game" and unprocessed "raw" foods.

Third, we must pay attention to property safety. Keep your belongings when traveling, try not to carry valuables, and achieve "light and simple travel"; Do not easily disclose personal information, do not believe in various winning and preferential activities, understand typical cases of telecom fraud, and avoid falling into the trap of criminals.

Fourth, we must do a good job in disease prevention and control. Maintain good personal hygiene, pay attention to avoid cross-infection of diseases in crowded public places, especially the elderly and children should take preventive measures.

Civilized travel and green consumption

A good consumption environment is the result of the joint efforts of the whole society, advocating consumers to resolutely resist bad behaviors such as catering waste and excessive packaging, and build a new trend of green and economical consumption.

The China Consumer Association reminds that when the "May Day" dinner is held, it is necessary to order reasonably according to the number of diners, consciously resist the waste on the tip of the tongue, and take the initiative to practice the "disc action". When buying tea, cakes, fruits and other goods, take the initiative to choose products with simple packaging and excellent quality, resist luxurious and wasteful packaging products, and abandon flashy "face engineering".

The China Consumer Association recommends that consumers choose prudently and rationally on the basis of correctly assessing their own spending power, and avoid impulse consumption. At the same time, if it is found that the business enterprise has induced consumers to over-order food or excessive packaging of goods, especially excessive packaging of tea, it is necessary to have the courage to point out, criticize and correct, and if the business unit refuses to make corrections, it can report to the market supervision department, consumer association organization or relevant media for exposure.

Identify traps and protect rights in a timely manner

The China Consumer Association reminds consumers to keep their eyes open and beware of pitfalls when facing various products.

First, beware of false propaganda. It is necessary to carefully distinguish the authenticity and quality of goods, do not believe in merchant propaganda, verify the price of goods before buying goods, shop around, understand commodity information as comprehensively as possible, and choose formal platforms to buy.

The second is to carefully review the contract. If traveling with a group and making prepaid consumption, be sure to strictly review the price, quality, specifications, standards and other contract terms of the service, clarify the liability for breach of contract, and sign a written contract.

The third is to retain consumption vouchers. It is the legal obligation of business operators to issue shopping vouchers or service documents such as invoices to consumers, and consumers should pay attention to requesting and retaining consumption vouchers after purchasing goods or services, and at the same time retain screenshots of product advertisements, chat records, and payment records, so as to protect their rights and interests in a timely manner when encountering consumer disputes.

The China Consumer Association urges operators to operate in good faith and in compliance with the law, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, create a green and healthy consumption environment, attach importance to consumers' demands, add a sense of happiness and security to consumers during the May Day holiday, let consumers dare to consume and are willing to consume, and boost consumer confidence.