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Twitter's business is practically at the break-even point after most advertisers who had left the platform have returned to the social network, which after the purchase by tycoon Elon Musk has reduced its workforce by almost 80%, as indicated by the businessman during an interview with the 'BBC' chain.

In this sense, Musk acknowledges that it had not been easy to undertake an adjustment of this caliber in the Twitter workforce, which is currently around 1,500 troops, compared to just under 8,000 at the time of acquisition, at the end of October last year.

The entrepreneur admits that the departure of many of Twitter's engineers since his arrival raised concerns about the stability of the platform and has acknowledged some failures during the process, including interruptions in service, although he considers that these problems have not lasted long and currently the site works well.

As for Twitter's finances, Musk believes the company is now "more or less at break-even point" as most of its advertisers have returned. "Almost everyone has returned or says they will return," he says.

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