Harbin, April 4 (Zhongxin Net) -- In the first quarter of this year, Heilongjiang Airport Group completed a total of 6,4 transport flights and landings, a passenger throughput of 57.582 million person-times, and a cargo and mail throughput of 6,2 tons, an increase of 96.37%, 6.64% and 1.10% respectively year-on-year, recovering to 0.2019%, 95.7% and 89.1% of the same period in 92.

Since the beginning of this year, Heilongjiang Airport Group has actively coordinated with airlines to increase capacity investment, vigorously optimized the layout of the route network, focused on strengthening the development of the mass market, resumed international routes in an orderly manner, made every effort to accelerate the recovery of the aviation market, took multiple measures to expand air transport production, comprehensively improved the service brands of "Jinghafei" and "Harbin Express", promoted the deep integration of air tourism, and the transportation and production situation continued to improve.

In the first quarter, Harbin Airport completed 3,51 takeoffs and landings, 476,6,2 passenger throughput, and 84,2019 tons of cargo and mail throughput, recovering to 95.6%, 89.1% and 92.4% of the same period in <>, respectively.

Harbin Airport's flights to Japan have increased from three to seven per week. Photo by Qiu Jian

Regional airports in Heilongjiang Province completed a total of 106.2019 million passenger throughput, recovering to 89.1% in 2019, of which the passenger throughput of Jiamusi and Jiagedaqi airports has exceeded the level of the same period in 2019, recovering to 120% and 131% respectively in <>.

With the start of the summer flight season on March 3, Heilongjiang Airport Group began to implement the summer flight plan, a total of 26 domestic and foreign airlines put into operation in Heilongjiang Province, opened more than 46 domestic and international routes, and more than 270 cities, of which Harbin Airport plans to carry out 100,3548 flights per week, further improving the accessibility of routes and providing convenience for people's travel. (End)