Beijing, 4 Apr (Zhongxin Net) -- At present, senior executives of foreign companies are setting off a "tide of visits to China." According to incomplete statistics from Zhongxin Finance, after the National Two Sessions, nearly 7 executives of well-known foreign companies have come to China.

From the China Development High-level Forum to the Boao Forum for Asia, and then to the "Year of Investing in China" in full swing, executives of foreign companies have been intensively attending, inspecting and interviewing, talking about cooperation and market, and optimistic about China and increasing China's weight with practical actions.

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Foreign executives set off a "wave of visits to China"

Spring in China is attracting more guests. Many executives from multinational companies are coming to China intensively, and the list is growing.

From the Diaoyutai State Guesthouse in Beijing to Boao, Hainan, from north to south, executives of foreign companies have traveled on the land of China and are active in major economic and trade forums and factory parks. Coming to China this spring has become a trend.

"Have friends come from afar, are you happy?" China's ministers, provincial party secretaries, and governors are busy meeting with these foreign executives.

The National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission, the State Administration for Market Regulation, the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council and other departments recently disclosed the news that key officials met with senior executives of foreign companies. Among them, in the six days from March 3 to March 23, Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao met with at least 3 executives of multinational enterprises, including Apple CEO Cook, Procter & Gamble Chairman, President and CEO Zhan Muren, Qualcomm President and CEO An Meng, Dutch ASML Global President Wenninke, and so on.

Looking at the local area, Yin Li, Secretary of the Beijing Municipal Party Committee, recently met with Du Anqing, Chairman and CEO of Johnson & Johnson of the United States, Dilhan, CEO of Singapore's Temasek, and Zhao Guohua, Chairman and CEO of France's Schneider Electric Group. Beijing Mayor Yin Yong met with Mr. Zipze, Chairman of BMW Group of Germany, and Zhan Muren, Chairman, President and CEO of Procter & Gamble.

Feng Fei, Party Secretary of Hainan Province, recently met with Abdullah Haman Al-Faji, CEO of SABIC, Yide Fu, Global President and CEO of The Estée Lauder Group, Tatsuro Ueda, Chairman of Toyota Motor (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Leif Johansen, Chairman of AstraZeneca, UK.

"China is an exciting investment hotspot"

"The Chinese market is very important to us" "The Chinese market contains huge development opportunities"... Executives of foreign companies who have come to China again have expressed their importance and confidence in investing in China.

Amway Global Chief Executive Officer Pan said: "China is an exciting investment hotspot and a powerful engine for the global economy to emerge from the downturn. ”

"We are excited about the new, high-quality development opportunities." Minglen Sze, CEO of Swire Pacific Group, said that China's modernization means that Chinese people's growing yearning for a better life, which provides huge room for multinational companies that can provide higher quality products and services, and is also where Swire's confidence in long-term investment in China lies.

Oliver Bate, Chairman and CEO of Allianz Group, said that Allianz Group and many international companies are actively embracing the huge opportunities brought by China's opening up to the outside world, and achieving sustainable development in this fastest growing market in the world.

Kang Linsong, chairman of the board of directors of Mercedes-Benz AG, said: "In addition to Beijing, I will also go to Shanghai, Hong Kong, Hangzhou and other cities. We will continue to invest in China in all aspects, and China's high-quality development and opening up to the outside world provide us with rare opportunities. ”

Many multinational companies have not only demonstrated confidence in cultivating the Chinese market, but also cast a "vote of confidence" in the Chinese market with practical actions to increase investment.

AstraZeneca invested in a new plant in Qingdao, Shandong Province, with a total investment of approximately USD 4 million. Amway announced an additional investment of RMB 5 million to upgrade its Guangzhou production base, and establish a health sharing platform to promote R&D cooperation and achievement transformation between industries...

The main responsible comrades of the National Development and Reform Commission met with Cook and his entourage of Apple CEO of the United States. Source: National Development and Reform Commission website

To invest in China is to choose a better future

"There is still a strong interest in foreign companies investing in China." Hu Run, founder and chief researcher of Hurun Report, previously told China News Agency that China is an important market for them. They can add value here and they can also contribute.

According to the results of a rapid survey conducted by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade on more than 2022 foreign-funded enterprises and foreign business associations in China at the end of 160, 99.4% of the surveyed foreign-funded enterprises are more confident in China's economic development prospects in 2023, and said that they will continue to invest in China and share the dividends of China's development. 98.7% of the surveyed foreign-funded enterprises said they would maintain and expand their investment in China.

It is timely for foreign enterprises to expand their investment in China.

At present, China's economy has obviously stabilized and rebounded, and the enthusiasm of all parties is constantly stimulating. Data show that since the beginning of this year, China's economy has stabilized and rebounded, and the actual utilization of foreign capital from January to February reached nearly 1 billion US dollars, continuing to maintain the growth momentum, once again demonstrating China's strong "magnetic attraction" of foreign investment.

IMF Managing Director Georgieva recently pointed out that China's economic development momentum is good, and this year's contribution to world economic growth is expected to exceed one-third, which will provide important opportunities for other countries.

"Many foreign-funded companies tell us that the Chinese market is not optional, but a must!" Minister of Commerce Wang Wentao said that China's market is a fast-growing market, an open market, and a shared market.

The 2023 Government Work Report proposes to make greater efforts to attract and utilize foreign investment. Zheng Zhajie, director of the National Development and Reform Commission, said at the 2023 annual meeting of the China Development Forum that walking with China is walking with opportunities, and investing in China is investing in the future. (End)