Recently, the Cyber Security Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security released the "Personal Tax Rebate Trap Revealed", which exposed some fraud methods that rubbed the hot spots of individual income tax refunds. The public security and tax departments remind that we must be vigilant against fraud methods, and summarize 4 types of tax refund fraud methods.

Be wary of tax refund scam text messages

According to reports, over the years, taxpayers have become familiar with the comprehensive income calculation of individual tax, and criminals have taken advantage of taxpayers' psychology of wanting to obtain tax refunds to send taxpayers fraudulent text messages such as "you have a tax refund to be collected", and taxpayers may click the link directly without thinking when they receive this type of SMS.

The content of the scam SMS is generally: a branch of the State Administration of Taxation reminds that the 2023 annual individual income tax report declaration has begun, and the tax system shows that you have a tax refund of 1,<> yuan, please log in to a certain website designated by the tax bureau, and handle it according to the prompts, and it will not be processed after the deadline.

The public security department pointed out that this is fraudsters using high tax refunds as bait, trying to obtain taxpayers' bank and personal information through phishing websites, and take away money, always remember not to click on links to unfamiliar websites, especially website links listed in text messages from unknown numbers.

The tax department reminds that when the tax department carries out individual tax calculation reminders to taxpayers, it will not attach a website link and the specific tax refund or supplementary amount in the text message, and the majority of taxpayers must pay attention to screening, do not believe, do not click, so as not to be deceived. For individual tax calculation, please log in to the "Individual Income Tax" APP (hereinafter referred to as the IIT APP) or the official website of the Electronic Tax Bureau for natural persons. If you have any questions, you can also call the 12366 tax payment service hotline first.

Professionals to help you get more tax refunds? Don't be gullible!

Some taxpayers believe in so-called "professional tax refunds" online and hope to get more tax refunds. The criminals claimed: "As long as you provide the personal tax APP account password and bank card number, you can help you operate and handle the tax refund for the individual tax calculation, pay the service fee according to the proportion of the tax refund amount, and do not charge a fee if it is not successful." ”

The public security department pointed out that fraudsters used this method to defraud taxpayers into obtaining personal account numbers, passwords and bank card information, and then transferring property.

The tax department reminds that please do not provide anyone with the personal tax APP account number, password and relevant bank account and password to avoid loss of your own interests.

Falsely claiming that the failure of the personal tax APP system requires "manual tax refund"

Some fraudsters cast a wide net to search for targets, screen people whose tax refunds have entered the treasury processing stage according to the other party's responses, and then claim to be a staff member of the tax authority, informing victims that the personal tax APP system is faulty and needs to be "manually refunded". The next step is to ask the victim to provide personal information such as ID card, bank card account number and verification code for identity verification. Once the victim submits personal information, the crooks disappear without a trace.

The public security department pointed out that when encountering a so-called "manual tax refund" call, you must first remain vigilant and do not trust strangers from unknown sources, especially sudden calls; Secondly, after learning of the failure of the IIT APP system, you can call the 12366 tax payment service hotline or leave a message on the IIT APP for consultation, do not believe the so-called "manual tax refund"; Finally, you must always protect your identity information and avoid revealing sensitive personal information, such as bank card numbers, ID numbers, etc. If you are unsure whether certain information is true or have concerns, you can consult or report it to your local tax authority.

The tax department reminds that when reviewing the tax refund, the tax department will not ask taxpayers for information such as ID cards, bank card account numbers and verification codes, so taxpayers must pay attention to screening to avoid being deceived.

Can I reduce my tax by filling in false personal tax information? Don't believe it!

Some criminals instigate victims to fabricate or tamper with their own individual income tax declaration information in various ways, lure each other on the grounds of "taking advantage of preferential tax policies" and "reducing personal burdens", or provide so-called "services" to victims in false qualifications and names, inducing them to pay high fees.

The public security department pointed out that the scam of instigating and filling in false personal tax information is fraudulent and brings a risk to personal property and social security that cannot be ignored.

The tax department reminds the majority of taxpayers that it is the legal obligation of every taxpayer to truthfully handle the comprehensive income of individual income tax in accordance with the law, please log in to the individual tax APP, check your comprehensive income, deductions and withholding taxes, etc., do not listen to all kinds of false rumors, to avoid affecting their tax credit due to false reporting.